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Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
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Thank you for visiting Sam Ash Music’s used instrument site for a glimpse of what we have in new and vintage gear today.


Check through our entire inventory of musical instruments and accessories and contact us directly for questions and answers on the item you might want to buy. Don’t forget Sam Ash buys and sells tons of items every week so check back often and see what’s new.


Sam Ash Music, Buying and selling new and used musical instruments for over 90 years.

Guitar of The Day
Guitar Of The Day Gibson - ES-335 Studio

Gibson - ES-335 Studio

Here is a great playing and sounding guitar!  Ever wanted an ES-335 but didn't want to shell out 3K?  Well heres the answer.  This one is in great shape with only some scratches to the body and pickguard.  The Grover tuners give you great tuning stability and the ginger burst makes it a looker.  Don't let this pass you by.


Yamaha - YAS-62

YAS-62 View Yamaha - YAS-62

Roland - JUNO 106

JUNO 106 View Roland - JUNO 106

Music Man - Cutlass

Cutlass View Music Man - Cutlass

P. Mauriat - Custom Class

Custom Class View P. Mauriat - Custom Class

Martin - 000-28

000-28 View Martin - 000-28

Gibson - Thunderbird

Thunderbird View Gibson - Thunderbird

Electro-Voice - ETX-15P

ETX-15P View Electro-Voice - ETX-15P

Bach - 42BO

42BO View Bach - 42BO

Mesa Boogie - Lonestar

Lonestar View Mesa Boogie - Lonestar

Rane - Sixty-Two

Sixty-Two View Rane - Sixty-Two

Fender - American Standard Stratocaster

American Standard Stratocaster View Fender - American Standard Stratocaster

Fender - 57 Custom Tweed Twin

57 Custom Tweed Twin View Fender - 57 Custom Tweed Twin

Gibson - 2016 Les Paul Standard

2016 Les Paul Standard View Gibson - 2016 Les Paul Standard

Pioneer - CDJ-2000 Nexus

CDJ-2000 Nexus View Pioneer - CDJ-2000 Nexus

Pioneer - DJM-900 Nexus

DJM-900 Nexus View Pioneer - DJM-900 Nexus

Ibanez - Prestige SR5006

Prestige SR5006 View Ibanez - Prestige SR5006

Pioneer - CDJ-2000

CDJ-2000 View Pioneer - CDJ-2000

Music Man - Majesty

Majesty View Music Man - Majesty

Bach - 180-S37

180-S37 View Bach - 180-S37

CF Martin - OMC Aura Acoustic/Electric With Original Hard Shel

OMC Aura Acoustic/Electric With Original Hard Shel View CF Martin - OMC Aura Acoustic/Electric With Original Hard Shel