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Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
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Thank you for visiting Sam Ash Music’s used instrument site for a glimpse of what we have in new and vintage gear today.


Check through our entire inventory of musical instruments and accessories and contact us directly for questions and answers on the item you might want to buy. Don’t forget Sam Ash buys and sells tons of items every week so check back often and see what’s new.


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Guitar of The Day
Guitar Of The Day Gibson - Les Paul CC#30 'Gabby

Gibson - Les Paul CC#30 'Gabby"

Here is a beautiful Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Collectors Choice #30 "Gabby" in unplayed condition. This model is considered to have 'All the Most Perfect Features in a Gorgeous '59 Les Paul'. This is an exact, digitally scanned replica of a legendary one-owner Les Paul. Selected matching figured maple, a digitally scanned neck shape and dish carve, accurate PAF repros, and gentle hand aging re-create an unusually well-preserved Burst. Comes with the Certificate of Authenticity and all case candy including inspection tag, extra plain switch cover, aged switch knob, various hangtags plus the original Gibson Lifton-style case. Frets show no wear. Neck has a large, rounded profile. Rock!


Budda - V40 Series II Superdrive

V40 Series II Superdrive View Budda - V40 Series II Superdrive

Yamaha - XENO YTR8345G

XENO YTR8345G View Yamaha - XENO YTR8345G

Taylor - 614ce Maple/Spruce

614ce Maple/Spruce View Taylor - 614ce Maple/Spruce

King - H.N. White Zephyr

H.N. White Zephyr View King - H.N. White Zephyr

P. Mauriat - PMXA-67RGL

PMXA-67RGL View P. Mauriat - PMXA-67RGL

Presonus - StudioLive 24.4.2

StudioLive 24.4.2 View Presonus - StudioLive 24.4.2

Korg - M3

M3 View Korg - M3

Marshall - 2555X Silver Jubilee

2555X Silver Jubilee View Marshall - 2555X Silver Jubilee

Fender - American Deluxe Shawbucker

American Deluxe Shawbucker View Fender - American Deluxe Shawbucker

Hohner - Atlantic IV Vox 4P

Atlantic IV Vox 4P View Hohner - Atlantic IV Vox 4P

Valve Train - Saratoga

Saratoga View Valve Train - Saratoga

Fender - American Standard Precision Bass IV 3TS

American Standard Precision Bass IV 3TS View Fender - American Standard Precision Bass IV 3TS

Taylor - 310-kce

310-kce View Taylor - 310-kce

Gibson - Les Paul Recording

Les Paul Recording View Gibson - Les Paul Recording

Fuchs - Blackjack 21

Blackjack 21 View Fuchs - Blackjack 21

Epiphone - Texan

Texan View Epiphone - Texan

Fender - American Standard Jazz Bass IV 3TS

American Standard Jazz Bass IV 3TS View Fender - American Standard Jazz Bass IV 3TS

Fender - 1976 Thinline Telecaster

1976 Thinline Telecaster View Fender - 1976 Thinline Telecaster

Gretsch - Country Club

Country Club View Gretsch - Country Club

Gibson - Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard View Gibson - Les Paul Standard