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Guitar Of The Day

Ernie Ball - JP6 Family Reserve

This beautiful guitar is a recording studios dream! With total tone control and availability, this guitar will surely "wow" you! Being able to run a stereo output to two different amps, going from a sweet acoustic to an in your face lead, or both, all with the flick of a switch! Truly a beatiful guitar in good condition overall, no noticable cosmetic issues or dents.

There are some small pick scratches forming under the strings, but it is pretty minimal. Overall guitar is in GOOD condition.

Serial Number: G49524

Weight: 6.5 pounds

If you have any further questions about this item or want to see more pictures, feel free to send us an email or give the Glendale, AZ store a call at (602)863-7746 and ask for Michael in Guitars!




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