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Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
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Check through our entire inventory of musical instruments and accessories and contact us directly for questions and answers on the item you might want to buy. Don’t forget Sam Ash buys and sells tons of items every week so check back often and see what’s new.


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Guitar Of The Day

Gibson - 1987 Les Paul Standard

Made in USA. Comes with non-original Gibson hardshell case. Expected wear on the pickguard. Minor scratches and dings on the top along with some buckle rash, scratches and minor dings on the back. Some scratches on the sides and some wear near strap button. Some wear and scratches on headstock. Frets have plenty of life left in them.

The wear and imperfections are duly noted, but do not spoil the vibe, charm, or collectability of this rare standard in alpine white.

Standards offered in white is unique to the 80's, for the most part. These don't pop up often, and this is not only a great guitar, but a great collectible. The potential for value growth on clean white, or red standards is almost assured. Tim Shaw designed PAF style humbuckers are stock, and gaining popularit ...


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New Wonder

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1958 VOS

ADAMS 32" Fiberglass Bowl Timpani

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