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Selmer - Mark VI
Selmer - Mark VISelmer - Mark VISelmer - Mark VISelmer - Mark VISelmer - Mark VISelmer - Mark VISelmer - Mark VISelmer - Mark VISelmer - Mark VI

Used Selmer Mark VI$7,500.00

The pinnacle of saxophone manufacturing.  A legend from its inception.  Unbridled
sound and construction.  These descriptions don't do the Selmer/Paris Mark VI
Tenor Saxophone justice.  Introduced in 1954 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of
winning the Gold Medal at the Saint-Louis Exhibition in Missouri, USA; the Mark
VI changed the paradiagm of the saxophone world.  Internationally known Marcel Mule
is noted as being "passionately involved" in the creation and construction of the
instrument.  While many players and music lovers note the rich and harmonious
character of the sax, they are not aware that the very model was many leaps ahead
of previous Selmer-Paris saxophones.

Advancements in design and assembly of the saxophone included improvements on both
thumb rests, octave key spatula and better keywork comfort.  Following the "Balanced
Action" saxophone model, the Mark VI was a return to strong projection and flexability
of performance captured by a smaller bore size.  Since its inception, the Mark VI
has gone through periodic changes and adjustments.  What is interesting to note to
the reader is that the entire Selmer Mark VI production run, comprising Sopranino,
Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass saxophones was achieved with no schematics or
assisted design capability. For twenty years, the Selmer Mark VI reigned supreme as
not only a well-made instrument, but one that players asked for time and time again.

What about this horn?  This particular Mark VI Tenor Saxophone is serial number
139XXX and dates to 1966. All of the parts of the saxophone were originally
manufactured in Paris, France and assembled in Elkhardt, Indiana, USA in 1966.
This unit has had only one owner who was a local Philadelphia, PA, USA professional
player for nearly fifty years.  So...The instrument is estimated to have sixty percent
of its' original lacquer present.  There is one long stretch on the side of the main
body of the instrument where a patch of lacquer approximately two inches in measure
is down to the base metal.  Throughout the instrument there are a multitude of
feather and light scratches.  On the bottom of the bow, there is a slight ping and
the Octave Key Thumb-Rest has a slight crack on the surface.  Over time, the
sax-strap ring has also worn down to the brass proper.  There are some slight minor
pings on the bell and slight to medium scratches as well.  This Mark VI Tenor
Saxophone has not be altered from the original factory design (save for cork and
pads...see below).  Also:  Additional digital photos available upon request...

What we did:  Our In-House Technician has completely dissembled the Tenor Sax and
did a full chemical cleaning of all the parts.  He then removed and replaced any
poor performing springs, cleaned and leveled all of the tone holes and added or
replaced missing bumpers commonly lost over the playing life of the instrument. Our
Technician, having cleaned the sax, then proceeded to repad the Tenor with Kangaroo
Pads (Roo Pads) in white color, with seamless domed resonators. After the entire
saxophone had been re-assembled, the Technician adjusted the Mark VI Tenor Saxophone
to General Playing Conditions.  After setting up the saxophone, the Technician cleaned
the case and mouthpiece.  This Mark VI comes with a Tri-Pak case and a stock Selmer c*
soloist Mouthpiece.  And for the collector interested in this instrument, the package
even includes the original Selmer-Paris End Cap.  If you are interested in owning a
piece of saxophone history that plays and sounds beyond description-look no further for
this is the horn to have. 

This Item is currently on display in our King Of Prussia , PA location.
Call (610) 265-6444 and refer to item number US3439843

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