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Used Getzen CAPRI (Silver) | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Getzen - CAPRI (Silver)
Getzen - CAPRI (Silver)Getzen - CAPRI (Silver)Getzen - CAPRI (Silver)Getzen - CAPRI (Silver)Getzen - CAPRI (Silver)Getzen - CAPRI (Silver)Getzen - CAPRI (Silver)

Used Getzen CAPRI (Silver)$924.99

Are you looking for a great trumpet to get yourself a bit of the old lime light? Then take a look at this beautiful silver trumpet from Getzen! This student trumpet is anything but quality in its craftsmanship and looks! The action of the valves and slides are smooth and efficient! The sound is nice bright and crisp! Do not miss out on this deal!


Key: Bb

Condition: Great

Color: Silver

This Item is currently on display in our Orlando, FL location.
Call (407) 599-1222 and refer to item number UG4665762

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Information About Getzen CAPRI (Silver) UG4665762

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