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Used Haynes Sterling Silver Classic | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Haynes - Sterling Silver Classic
Haynes - Sterling Silver ClassicHaynes - Sterling Silver ClassicHaynes - Sterling Silver ClassicHaynes - Sterling Silver ClassicHaynes - Sterling Silver ClassicHaynes - Sterling Silver ClassicHaynes - Sterling Silver ClassicHaynes - Sterling Silver ClassicHaynes - Sterling Silver Classic

Used Haynes Sterling Silver Classic$2,999.99

Beautifully overhauled by our In-House Technician with brand new De'Jur
Flute Pads, we are featuring in this advertisement a circa early 1970s
Haynes Sterling Silver C-Flute with a low B-Foot Joint; the S/N is
388XX.  This instrument has been expertly fine-tuned to the original
Boston factory specifications.  All of the new pads have been
professionally crafted to set and perform upon individually soldered
tone-holes.  The key mechanism on this flute is screwless and also
adjusted to Haynes recommended tolerances.  Well maintained by one
owner, this USA made instrument has no dents, dings and pings.  There
are light feather scraches throughout all three parts of the flute as
one would expect for a forty-plus year old instrument to have.  The
mechanism and body parts of the flute are Sterling Silver and our
Technician has polished the flute to exacting standards.  Haynes used
traditional French Style (pointed) arms and the "G" key is in-line as
was the prevailing model featured by the manufacturer at the time
of purchase.  The Head-Joint has the typical slight taper for the
embroshure hole found on a Haynes Flute of the era and includes the
classic crown with an ornamental design. Please note that this flute
does not have a Gizmo key on the B-Foot section of the instrument.
The original case cover, case and clearning rod are included with the
flute.  If you are looking for the next level instrument then this
might be the find of a life-time.  This is a great choice for any
level musician looking for one of the standard bearers of flute
manufacturing world for more than one hundred years.

This Item is currently on display in our King Of Prussia , PA location.
Call (610) 265-6444 and refer to item number UH3438839

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