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Used Selmer AS500 | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Selmer - AS500
Selmer - AS500Selmer - AS500Selmer - AS500Selmer - AS500Selmer - AS500Selmer - AS500Selmer - AS500Selmer - AS500Selmer - AS500Selmer - AS500

Used Selmer AS500$449.99

Selmer's AS500 Alto Saxophone is a traditional Step-Up Alto Saxophone
instrument made of solid brass and crafted to produce a rich and warm
tone.  The key mechanism is made of nickle-silver and properly set upon
individually cut tone holes.  Key Guard units have been set over the
lower key units for better protection of the instrument.  The classic
ornate logo fronts the upper bell structure keeping with a long standing
tradition.  This model, the AS500 has a morderen mechanism, including
a high F# key for altissimo register ease of performance.

The instrument featured in this advertisement is serial number 267XX
and was made in Taiwan for Selmer USA.  This alto was used generously
over the past decade.  There are several modest-sized dings on the horn.
On the front of the bell and on the bow are several dents that are not
practical to remove.  The bell rim has a few scratches on it that are
trivial at best.  Throughout the horn, but ever-so-slight are scratches
caused by general usage by the original owner.  Our in-house technician has
adjusted the alto saxophone to General Playing Conditions and it is now
ready for a new home.  The package comes with case and mouthpiece, too. 
If you are just beginning or in the market for a back-up horn; then, this
is the model for you.

This Item is currently on display in our King Of Prussia , PA location.
Call (610) 265-6444 and refer to item number US3426706

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