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Used Bach TR200S | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Bach - TR200S
Bach - TR200SBach - TR200SBach - TR200SBach - TR200SBach - TR200SBach - TR200SBach - TR200SBach - TR200SBach - TR200SBach - TR200S

Used Bach TR200S$1,299.99

Sporting many professional features, the Bach TR200S is perannual favoriate
for students stepping from their entry level instrument to a true Intermediate
trumpet.  Using the pro-line valve casing style and monel valves, the TR200S
offers a very agile and swift performance.  The two-piece bell, hand-hammered
no less is manufactured with a soldered bell wire creating a very warm and
large sound.  Intonation changes are easily accomplished with a first thumb
saddle and an adustable third valve slide ring.  Bach has engineered a radiante
sound with silver-plate upon a yellow brass foundation.  This particular trumpet
features a .459" medium-large bore which aides in producing the signature sound
of the TR200S which has captivated generations of trumpet players throughout the world.

This particular trumpet is serial number 519XXX and was made in the USA approximately
ten to fifteen years ago.  There are light feather scratches throughout the entire
body and one ping on the outer bell.  The silver-plate has maintained its luster
and shine throughout the years.  Our In-House Technician has adjusted and polished
the trumpet to General Playing Conditions.  This instrument comes with a case and
mouthpiece, too.  Considering what a new TR200S currently costs, this is a great
investment for the player ready for the next evolution in  style and design or as a back-up trumpet for an advanced musician.

This Item is currently on display in our King Of Prussia , PA location.
Call (610) 265-6444 and refer to item number UB3419671

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