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Used Gemeinhardt 3SB | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Gemeinhardt - 3SB
Gemeinhardt - 3SBGemeinhardt - 3SBGemeinhardt - 3SBGemeinhardt - 3SBGemeinhardt - 3SBGemeinhardt - 3SBGemeinhardt - 3SBGemeinhardt - 3SBGemeinhardt - 3SB

Used Gemeinhardt 3SB$899.99

The Gemeinhardt Instrument Company has been making flutes for more
than seventy years.  Perhaps its' most privilent model ever made is
still in manufacturer and known throughout the world as the 3SB
Intermediate flute.  Crafted from nickle with a solid-silver exterior
for the body and foot joint, the flute is known for a steady and
generous tone.  This instrument features a straight-J solid silver
Headjoint with a standard headjoint wall.  The key-style is also
silver-plated with Y-Arm style and a inset "G" key for the advancing

Our featured item in this ad is serial number 655XXX and was made in
Elkhart, Inidana in the United States.  There are no dents, pings or dings
in the instrument.  We have detected a few scratches on the surface of
the body, footjoint and headjoint, but they are very faint to eye. 
Our in-house technician has adjusted and polished the flute to General
Playing Conditions.  The package includes case and cleaning rod.  This
is a great step-up flute or a splendid choice for as a back-up flute for
a professional player.

This Item is currently on display in our King Of Prussia , PA location.
Call (610) 265-6444 and refer to item number UG3455381

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