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Used JBL LSR28P | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music

Used JBL LSR28P$799.99

All of the new self-powered JBL LSR28P monitor systems are based upon Linear Spatial Reference (LSR) technology.  Allowing a perfect spacing of sound with no phase and beautiful clarity from top to bottom. Utilizing               two new JBL LSR transducers, the 218F 8" low-frequency transducer and the 053Ti High-Frequency transducer, including Differential Drive® technology and the carbon fiber composite materials make this pair is a top line monitor for any studio use.  Living up to the JBL name, this pair of monitors (sold as a pair) are unmatched in clarity and power.  This pair of monitors is previously owned but minus some minor scratching to the sides and top and a little damage to the tweeter, sub cone, they both still function and sound beautiful.  True clarity and power are a must in any studio. Perfect for tracking, mixing or mastering!  With this pair of JBLs you'll be perfecting any song in no time!

This Item is currently on display in our Hollywood, CA location.
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