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Used Combo Bass Amps // 15 results found

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Used Combo Bass Amps | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Orange - Crush 100BXT
Orange Crush 100BXT

Sweet and compact, these 100w bass amps pack a punch through a 15" speaker!  This ...

Hollywood, CA

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Hughes and Kettner - Bass Force L
Hughes and Kettner Bass Force L

Hughes and Kettner 100 watt Bass Force combo amp. The perfect amp for a gigging player. The amp i ...

Indianapolis, IN

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Peavey - Max 110
Peavey Max 110

The Max 110 is powerful practice combo amp that Peavey offers at a truly affordable price.  ...

Tampa , FL

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Line6 - LOW DOWN 150
Line6 LOW DOWN 150

Here we have a Line 6 LOW DOWN 150 bass amp. This amp has 6 bass amp models and bass effects inte ...

Forest Hills, NY

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Fender - Musicmaster/Bass
Fender Musicmaster/Bass

Here we have a Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp. A 1970s silverface combo amp designed ...

Ontario, CA

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Roland - DB-210 Digital Bass Amplifier
Roland DB-210 Digital Bass Amplifier

Great condition! No rips in the tolex or speaker issues.

Super versatile bass combo amp w ...

Westminster, CA

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Fender - Music Master Bass
Fender Music Master Bass

This Music Master Bass amplifier from Fender is in great shape. Another vintage amp offering we h ...

Brooklyn, NY

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Ibanez - Soundwave 65 Combo Bass Amp
Ibanez Soundwave 65 Combo Bass Amp

Good condition, does have a few scuffs, knobs missing, plays well and would be great for smaller ...

Las Vegas, NV

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Fender - Bassman 400 210
Fender Bassman 400 210

This is a Used Fender Bassman 400 combo amp. This versatile amp feature 2 10" speakers a metal tw ...

Columbus, OH

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Ibanez - Sound Wave 20
Ibanez Sound Wave 20

  This Ibanez Sound Wave 20 bass combo amp is in very good shape and would make a great ...

Springfield, NJ

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Fender - Rumble 15
Fender Rumble 15

Fender Rumble 15 combo amp

Buffalo Grove, IL

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Peavey - Combo 300
Peavey Combo 300

The Peavey Bass Combo 300 is an great amplifier, with a wide range of tonal possibilities you can ...

Indianapolis, IN

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Roland - DB-500
Roland DB-500

If you are looking for a reliable bass amp that has a little bit of everything and has the abilit ...

Indianapolis, IN

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Warwick - BC 40
Warwick BC 40

The BC40 amp by Warwick is a 40 Watt bass combo with passive and active inputs. A 40 watt power a ...

Indianapolis, IN

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Eden - Metro 210
Eden Metro 210

This Eden Metro is in really good shape! No major snags or tears in the carpet, though there  ...

Madison, TN

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