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Used Trumpets Brass | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music

Gorgeous one-owner 1967 King Super 20 made in Eastlake, Ohio. This instrument has been serviced b ...

Madison, TN

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Benge - 65B
Benge 65B

Benge model 65B Silver trumpet.  Instrument is in very good condition with only a slight bit ...

Richmond, VA

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Bach - 37 Stradivarius
Bach 37 Stradivarius

Bach model 37 Stradivarius trumpet.  Instrument is in good condition, all slides/valves full ...

Richmond, VA

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Yamaha - YTR-2335
Yamaha YTR-2335

The Yamaha 2335 trumpet was made with the demands of the active player in mind, providing both su ...

Torrance, CA

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Yamaha - YTR-2330
Yamaha YTR-2330

A perfect horn for the new and advancing player alike, the Yamaha 2330 trumpet provides unmatched ...

Torrance, CA

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Jupiter - Andalucia AdVance
Jupiter Andalucia AdVance

The Andalucía AdVance pairs an exotic finish with a powerful lead sound that stands out in ...

Torrance, CA

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Sonare - TR9-BYS
Sonare TR9-BYS

Holy crap this is a beautiful trumpet! From the smooth valve action, to the engraving on the lead ...

Sarasota, FL

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Bach - TR200S
Bach TR200S

Sporting many professional features, the Bach TR200S is perannual favoriate
for students ste ...

King Of Prussia , PA

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Bach - SLR18037 Stradivarius Trumpet
Bach SLR18037 Stradivarius Trumpet

This horn is in EXCELLENT condition! There are a few feather scratches from everyday handling, bu ...

Margate, FL

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King - 301
King 301

This KING 301 student trumpet  comes with the case and mouthpiece. It has some scratches on ...

Miami Lakes, FL

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B + S - Challenger 3137
B + S Challenger 3137

B&S Challenger model 3137 silver trumpet.  Instrument is in good playing condition with ...

Richmond, VA

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Bach - TR-711
Bach TR-711

Made by the premier manufacturer of trumpets in the world, the Bach Prelude provides quick respon ...

Torrance, CA

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Made in the USA, the Getzen Caravelle is a good student model trumpet for anyone lookin ...

Carle Place, NY

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Conn - 52B Silver Trumpet
Conn 52B Silver Trumpet

This semi-professional Conn 52B CONNstellation trumpet is a great step-up for an advancing studen ...

New York, NY

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Getzen - Eterna Severinsen Model
Getzen Eterna Severinsen Model

This is a vintage Getzen Eterna "Doc" Severinsen model trumpet. It was made in the USA between 19 ...

Charlotte, NC

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Jean Baptiste - 483LE
Jean Baptiste 483LE

This is a Jean Baptiste 483LE student trumpet. This trumpet is in good condition. There's some sc ...

Charlotte, NC

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Jupiter - XO 1601 Silver Plated Trumpet
Jupiter XO 1601 Silver Plated Trumpet

Jupiter is known for their excellent craftsmanship with silver plated brass instruments. This tru ...

New York, NY

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Buescher - BU-7
Buescher BU-7

Student trumpet, perfect for a beginner or hobbyist. The valves and slides are all in good condit ...

Cherry Hill , NJ

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Getzen - CAPRI (Silver)
Getzen CAPRI (Silver)

Are you looking for a great trumpet to get yourself a bit of the old lime light? Then take a look ...

Orlando, FL

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Bach - TR300
Bach TR300

Classic Bach sound for any student or beginner.

This horn functions, plays, and sounds ve ...

Westminster, CA

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