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Used Tubas Brass // 5 results found

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Used Tubas Brass | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Custom - Czech F Tuba
Custom Czech F Tuba

This is an unknown brand F tuba from the Czech Republic. It has a raw brass finish and some minor ...

New York, NY

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Jean Baptiste - JBTUBA4VF
Jean Baptiste JBTUBA4VF

This Jean Baptiste 4-valve tuba is meant for students who are either just getting started, or nee ...

Indianapolis, IN

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Yamaha - YBB-105
Yamaha YBB-105

This item is a Yamaha YBB-105 3/4 student Tuba. The YBB-105 offers a smaller body type which help ...

Huntington, NY

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 - Case

This is a case for a tuba that has wheels on it! That is pretty much all I should have to say. It ...

Sarasota, FL

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Jean Baptiste - RVB
Jean Baptiste RVB

Band season is here, and here is a great deal on a full size tuba you don't want to miss. This pa ...

Glendale, AZ

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