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Used Electric Drums | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Roland TD-20

This Roland has 900 sounds and 100 kits to choose from. Was originaly $8169 and is now at $4499.9 ...

San Antonio, TX

Roland TD15K

Lightly used in classroom environment. Little if no wear.

List price: $2499.00

Re ...

San Antonio, TX

Roland V-Drum Percussion Sound Module for TD12

Closeout Sound Module only for TD12, no box or manual, great condition.

Las Vegas, NV

Yamaha DTX562K

Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum kit.


NOTE:  Hi-Hat stand sold separate ...

Atlanta, GA

Yamaha DTX 562K

Electronic drum,
You are not the only one
With wounds to discuss

Your pads m ...

Carle Place, NY

Yamaha Dtxtreme III Standard Sound Percussion Module

Closeout DTXTREME III sound module only, great condition, no box or manual.

Las Vegas, NV

Yamaha DTX520K

Yamaha DTX520K Electronic drum kit. Used in name only, the kit is brand new in a box.

Atlanta, GA

Roland TD-9 Drum Module
New York, NY

Roland TD9K2

This drum set is in good condition with minor playing scratches. Roland’s TD-9K2 kit i ...

Miami, FL

Roland PM-30 Monitor

The Roland PM-30! This personal drum monitor comes with a woofer and two tweeters on adjustable p ...

Huntington, NY

Roland HPD-10
  • All-new sounds and patterns (approx. 400)
  • 10 individual pads with pressure sensi ...
Forest Hills, NY

Zildjian Gen 16 Acoustic-Electric cymbals

If you're anything like me, your heart is always in your kitchen, even when your body isn't. Trus ...

Carle Place, NY

Yamaha DTXM-12

The Yamaha DTX Multi 12 has plenty to offer with its 12 rubber pads are suited to either stick or ...

Indianapolis, IN

Zildjian Gen 16 Electronic Cymbals

Real cymbals that provide sensitivity and dynamics

  • DCP controls up to 5 cymbals to ...
Edison, NJ

Roland Handsonic 10

Used Handsonic 10 in good condition. The Handsonic 10 features about 400 sounds and patterns. It ...

Cherry Hill , NJ

Roland SPD-S Sample Pad

This Pre-Owned Roland SPD-S sample pad is a great sample pad for the price!  Comes with all ...

Huntington, NY

Korg Wave Drum Oriental

Wave Drum Oriental in great shape.

Raleigh, NC

Roland PD125 Mesh Trigger Pad

The Roland PD125 is a 12" Dual Trigger Mesh Pad for a Roland electronic drum set.  Dual trig ...

Huntington, NY

Alternate Mode KAT 1

This drum set is in good condition.

Cincinnati, OH

Roland PD105 Dual Trigger Pad

The Roland PD105 is a 10" Dual Trigger Mesh Pad for a Roland electronic drum set.  Dual trig ...

Huntington, NY

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