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Used Electric Drums | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Roland TD-20

This Roland has 900 sounds and 100 kits to choose from. Was originaly $8169 and is now at $4499.9 ...

San Antonio, TX


This is a Yamaha DTXREME IIS electronic drum kit. There are some scuffs, scratches, and play wear ...

Charlotte, NC

Roland TD15K

Lightly used in classroom environment. Little if no wear.

List price: $2499.00

Re ...

San Antonio, TX

Roland TD-15

Brand New Roland TD-15 K Series Electronic Drum set.  This set comes with a throne and a sin ...

Huntington, NY

Yamaha DTX 562K

Electronic drum,
You are not the only one
With wounds to discuss

Your pads m ...

Carle Place, NY

Roland TD9K2

This drum set is in good condition with minor playing scratches. Roland’s TD-9K2 kit i ...

Miami, FL

Yamaha DTX 522

Here is a Yamaha DTX522 in great condition. This kit has the DTX-PAD snare with newly dev ...

Glendale, AZ

Roland PM-30 Monitor

The Roland PM-30! This personal drum monitor comes with a woofer and two tweeters on adjustable p ...

Huntington, NY

Zildjian Gen 16 Acoustic-Electric cymbals

If you're anything like me, your heart is always in your kitchen, even when your body isn't. Trus ...

Carle Place, NY


This pre-owned Yamaha DTXPress III is an amazing electronic kit, for the price.  The sophist ...

Huntington, NY

Roland SPD-S Sample Pad

This Pre-Owned Roland SPD-S sample pad is a great sample pad for the price!  Comes with all ...

Huntington, NY

Roland TD-10

Roland TD-10 Electronic Drum Module

King Of Prussia , PA

Korg Wave Drum Oriental

Wave Drum Oriental in great shape.

Raleigh, NC

Roland PD125 Mesh Trigger Pad

The Roland PD125 is a 12" Dual Trigger Mesh Pad for a Roland electronic drum set.  Dual trig ...

Huntington, NY

Alternate Mode KAT 1

This drum set is in good condition.

Cincinnati, OH

Roland PD105 Dual Trigger Pad

The Roland PD105 is a 10" Dual Trigger Mesh Pad for a Roland electronic drum set.  Dual trig ...

Huntington, NY


Behold! The glory of Yamaha's DTXPLORER electronic kit. Contrary to its misleading name, this kit ...

Carle Place, NY

Roland TD-9 Module

Works perfect, mint condition. Original box included! 

Miami Lakes, FL

Yamaha MS40DR Drum Monitor

The Yamaha MS40DR Drum Monitor is a subtle little monitor system that packs a punch! Comes with 2 ...

Huntington, NY

Yamaha DTX500 Module

Yamaha DTX500 Drum Module.


Never used, excellent condition.

Atlanta, GA

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