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Used Djembes Percussion Drums // 10 results found

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Used Djembes Percussion Drums | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Toca - Freestyle II 12
Toca Freestyle II 12" rope-tuned Djembe, African Dance

This Toca Djembe is in like new condition, and is tuned up great! Very cool amount of darker fibe ...

Indianapolis, IN

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Remo - Remo Leon Mobley Djembe
Remo Remo Leon Mobley Djembe

Djembe is in fair shape. Some nicks and dings but overall in good shape. Its mostly on the head.< ...

Tampa , FL

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Remo - 14x25 Infinity Mondo
Remo 14x25 Infinity Mondo

This djembe is like new. The original owner never played it. T Infinity and Beyond...... 

San Antonio, TX

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 - Hand Carved
Hand Carved

AFrican Hand Carved 13" Djembe

Buffalo Grove, IL

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Remo - Loen Mobley
Remo Loen Mobley

Remo Leon Mobley Model Key-Tuned 14” Djembe in good condition. This Djembe has a medium to ...

Richmond, VA

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Remo - Paulo Mattioli
Remo Paulo Mattioli

14" Remo Paulo Mattioli Djembe drum.

Atlanta, GA

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Morgan Monroe - Djembe
Morgan Monroe Djembe

Morgan Djembe 12"   Hand Made Wood

Buffalo Grove, IL

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Toca - 14
Toca 14" Freestyle Djembe

Toca 14" Freestyle Djembe W/ Matching Bag in Great Condition! One of the teeth on the zipper had ...

White Plains, NY

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Hakuna Matata - 11x19
Hakuna Matata 11x19" Djembe

Original, one of a kind, handmade in Senegal Africa!!!!

Miami Lakes, FL

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Remo - 10
Remo 10" Wooden Djembe

The djembe is the former "long distance phone" of West Africa. In Africa, the djembe now function ...

Indianapolis, IN

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