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Used Acoustic Guitar | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
CF Martin 2014 OOO28K Authentic 1921

Based upon a pristine 1921 000-28K from the Martin Museum collection, this slotted head 12-fret i ...

New York, NY

CF Martin OO-21 NY

This is an American-made 1964 Martin OO-21 NY.  Serial number 195980.  It is a beautifu ...

Margate, FL

CF Martin MC12-41

This is one luxurious 12 string.  Inspired by his own vintage OM45, the Sambora 12 string is ...

Lyndhurst, OH

CF Martin D-42

Here is your chance to own one of the most sought after Martin's ever produced. This is a 1997 D- ...

Clearwater, FL

CF Martin 2015 D12-35 50th Anniversary

Martin D12-35 50th Anniversary Limited Edition model. This celebratory model is a 12-string, ...

New York, NY

CF Martin 2012 D-28 Marquis

For those in the know, this is as close as you're going to get to that pre-war tone. A real CANNO ...

New York, NY

CF Martin 1970 D-35

This is one of the purest sounding guitars in our inventory! This 1970 D-35 has a solid Spruce to ...

Madison, TN

CF Martin Eric Clapton 000-28

Excellent condition 2001 Eric Clapton 000-28. The only imperfection is a tiny mark on the top nea ...

Cincinnati, OH

CF Martin D-14 POW

 This is a Limited Edition Martin POW guitar! This guitar is in good condition. It was ...

Springfield, NJ

CF Martin D-35

This is a 1976 Martin D-35 in excellent condition. The Martin D-35 is considered one of the class ...

Clearwater, FL

CF Martin HD-28V

Awesome condition on one of the best traditional acoustics that can be bought. Pre-war appointmen ...

Orlando, FL

CF Martin D-37 K2 Koa

An All-Solid Koa 1981 Martin D-37 K2, wow, what a guitar to walk into our shop. The checking ...

Canoga Park, CA

CF Martin 2015 0018V

Good overall condition for this 2015 00-18V. One small scratch on the top. HUGE sound for a small ...

New York, NY

CF Martin 2016 D12-28 Dreadnought 12-String

Fantastic deal on an almost perfect condition D28 12 string

New York, NY

CF Martin OMCPA1

This Martin OMCPA1 sounds great with awesome electronics. The top has dings and dents from ring m ...

Dallas, TX

CF Martin 2012 Jeff Tweedy 00-DB

Outstanding condition! Looks to have been lightly played. There are no dings dents or chips.

Huntington, NY

CF Martin D-28

2010 CF Martin D-28 Dreadnought acoustic guitar with LR Baggs pickup and hardshell case. This cla ...

Ontario, CA

CF Martin D-18

Comes with original hardshell case.

The classic D-18 hasn't changed much since its arriva ...

King Of Prussia , PA

CF Martin 2014 Custom Lady Liberty Acoustic


New York, NY

CF Martin 000-18 Vintage Late 60's Acoustic Guitar w/hsc

Guitar is in good condition, surface scratches on the front and back, slight separation on the bo ...

Las Vegas, NV

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