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Used Usb Midi Pad Keyboards // 8 results found

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Used Usb midi pad Keyboards | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Nektar - PANORAMA P1

Wonderful shape. Spectacular , deep Reason & Cubase implementations, along with vast MIDI pro ...

Tampa , FL

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Akai - APC 40
Akai APC 40

This used Akai APC 40 Ableton USB controller has assignable knobs, pads, faders, and buttons all ...

Cincinnati, OH

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Akai - MPD 218
Akai MPD 218

The Akai MDP 218 is a versatile, compact, and easy to use midi pad controller. It connects with a ...

Indianapolis, IN

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Akai - MPD18
Akai MPD18


Our MPD is in good condition, with only moderate ...

Orlando, FL

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 - CS32

The JL Cooper CS32 is a miniature co ...

San Antonio, TX

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Native Instruments - Maschine MK1
Native Instruments Maschine MK1

This MIDI controller functions flawlessly!  All pads, buttons and controls will transmit MID ...

Columbus, OH

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Akai - Push for Ableton
Akai Push for Ableton

The Ableton Push controller is among the most powerful USB 2.0-enabled MIDI control surfaces ...

Indianapolis, IN

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Roland - JP-08
Roland JP-08

Roland Boutique JP-08 Sound Module Emulation of an analog Jupiter-8.  Unit is in near mint c ...

Richmond, VA

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