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Used Instrument Wired Microphones Live Sound // 4 results found

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Used Instrument Wired microphones Live sound | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Sennheiser - MD421
Sennheiser MD421

Arguably one of the best dynamic microphones around this used MD421 is in great condition an ...

Springfield, NJ

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Sennheiser - E609 Dynamic Mic
Sennheiser E609 Dynamic Mic

This preowned Sennheiser E609 is an awesome microphone for instruments and drums!  Works rea ...

Huntington, NY

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Shure - SM57
Shure SM57

When you buy a Shure SM57, you've got a great dynamic microphone for life. Accounts of its heroic ...

Indianapolis, IN

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 - Barcus Berry Piezo 3000A
Barcus Berry Piezo 3000A

A great in-store closeout buy! The Barcus Berry piezo microphone/preamp with EQ.

San Antonio, TX

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