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Used Open Hole Flutes Woodwinds // 56 results found

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Used Open Hole Flutes Woodwinds | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Yamaha - FL-481II
Yamaha FL-481II

Made in Japan. Includes original Yamaha case with strap. Serial # 312XXX. This pro Yamaha is in g ...

Philadelphia, PA

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Haynes - Sterling Silver Classic
Haynes Sterling Silver Classic

Beautifully overhauled by our In-House Technician with brand new De'Jur
Flute Pads, we are f ...

King Of Prussia , PA

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Gemeinhardt - 3B
Gemeinhardt 3B

This is a Gemeinhardt 3B open hole flute.

This is a step-up model Gemeinhardt flute and i ...

Cincinnati, OH

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Jupiter - JFL 611R-II
Jupiter JFL 611R-II

This is a Jupiter JFL 611R-II open-hole flute. It was made in 1999. The serial is A09XXX. This fl ...

Charlotte, NC

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Emerson - ELD
Emerson ELD

The Emerson ELD flute is a perfect choice for the advancing student. This flute is made in Elkhar ...

New Haven, CT

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Yamaha - YFL-581
Yamaha YFL-581

This is a great deal on a professional level flute. Yamaha instruments are known for their remark ...

Orlando, FL

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Azumi - AZ3000
Azumi AZ3000

WOW! This Azumi 3000 is one of the premier professional flutes in the world. It feature ...

Glendale, AZ

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Eastman - EFL 220-O
Eastman EFL 220-O

This is an excellent beginner to step-up flute from Eastman, the EFL 220-O. With silver-plated ni ...

Dallas, TX

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Yamaha - 281
Yamaha 281

This is a Yamaha 281 student flute in excellent condition. Great for beginners looking to take th ...

Dallas, TX

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Yamaha - 261
Yamaha 261

This Yamaha 261 flute is in excellent condition! A fabulous flute for beginning students looking ...

Dallas, TX

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Gemeinhardt - Brio B10
Gemeinhardt Brio B10

This beautiful, easy to play, meticulously maintained Gemeinhardt Brio B10 flute would make an ex ...

Edison, NJ

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Selmer - U.S.A. with French Keys
Selmer U.S.A. with French Keys

A high-end, intermediate flute at a great price. It's rare to find a U.S.A. intermediate flute wi ...

Westminster, CA

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Armstrong - M80
Armstrong M80

This is an Armstrong intermediate flute, the Model 80. Made with sterling silver headjoint and bo ...

Dallas, TX

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Pearl - PF505
Pearl PF505

This flute is in very good shape.  The pads have plenty of life in them and there ...

Lombard, IL

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Armstrong - 303B
Armstrong 303B

Made in USA. Includes original hardshell case with cover and cleaning rod. Serial # 7252XXX. This ...

Philadelphia, PA

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Yamaha - YFL-684
Yamaha YFL-684

This is a professional model Yamaha flute, the YFL-684. With sterling silver head, body, and foot ...

Dallas, TX

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Gemeinhardt - S-Series G285
Gemeinhardt S-Series G285

This is an S Series flute built by Gemeinhardt in Elkhart IN.  It is an open hole, inline G, ...

Dallas, TX

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Haynes - Q3 Classic Model
Haynes Q3 Classic Model

Beautiful Haynes Classic Model Q3 Flute.

This flute was professional owned, loved, well m ...

Huntington, NY

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 - Pearl Cantabile Flute
Pearl Cantabile Flute

This flute is in great condition with minor playing scratches, no dings or dents, plays and sound ...

Miami, FL

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Yamaha - YFL371
Yamaha YFL371

The Yamaha Allegro 371 series intermediate flute features ring keys, offset G, E mechan ...

Dallas, TX

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