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Used Alto Saxophones Woodwinds | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Selmer 1954 Mark VI

You are looking at a Selmer Mark VI alto sax from 1954. This is a rare piece in that it is actual ...

Hollywood, CA

Selmer 1972 Mark VI Alto

1972 Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone with lightweight poly foam case. Serial # M 196442. Made in Pa ...

Hollywood, CA

Selmer Mark VI 1956

You are looking at a beautiful vintage Selmer Mark VI saxophone from 1956. The Mark VI is conside ...

Hollywood, CA

Selmer Mark VI

Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone. 1969, original lacquer. 165XXX serial. Sax in top notch, exce ...

Glendale, AZ

Selmer MARK VI

Mark VI alto, dating 1964. A majority or the original lacquer still remains. Instrument has relat ...

Cherry Hill , NJ

Selmer Mark VI

This Selmer Mark VI (circa 1970) has had a complete overhaul and plays very well. It has all new ...

Brooklyn, NY

Selmer '73 Mark VI Alto

1973 Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone with original Selmer hard case. Original lacquer but well play ...

Ontario, CA

Selmer Balanced Action

Selmer Balanced Action alto saxophone with Selmer USA case. 

& ...

Richmond, VA

Selmer Paris Series III

Series III

The Series III soprano, alto, tenor and bass saxophones epito ...

New York, NY

Selmer Super Ac 80 series II
Raleigh, NC

Selmer Serie III

This is a Selmer Series III Alto Saxophone, clear lacquered with engraving. This is Selmer's late ...

Hollywood, CA

Selmer La Voix I Alto

Here today we have a fantastic Selmer USA La Voix I 22705 Alto Sax. This is an excellent sax ...

Carle Place, NY

Selmer AS-200

The 200 Series was designed for amateurs and advanced students.
Sculptured key guards and c ...

Edison, NJ

Selmer AS 500

The Selmer AS500 provides a great addition to the array of student through professional model sax ...

Raleigh, NC

Selmer OMEGA MG288

Selmer Omega saxophone.  Made in the USA.  Nice looking and plays great. has a lot of n ...

Dallas, TX

Selmer AS 500


Raleigh, NC

Selmer Prelude AS701

This Selmer Prelude 701 is a student Alto saxophone. Perfect for any player, is has a loud clear ...

Forest Hills, NY

Selmer Bundy II

This is a nice little alto saxophone from Selmer. The pads are in good shape and move freely with ...

Orlando, FL

Selmer AS300

Selmer student model saxophones are considered the best bang for the buck by most band directors ...

Cincinnati, OH

Selmer AS711 Prelude

The Prelude series from Selmer has been voted the best student model saxophone for many years by ...

Cincinnati, OH

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