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Items At Sam Ash Miami Lakes | Used Gear At Sam Ash Music
Hughes and Kettner Redbox
Miami Lakes, FL
Boss rv-3

Yes, it's gone but not forgotten.  This pedal is a mainstay of guitarist world-wide.  Great condition with full, lush reverbs.  Perf ...

Miami Lakes, FL
Whirlwind HotBox Active DI

Still in the box.  Need a boost?  This is an active direct box.  Great for any live gig.

Miami Lakes, FL
Tama Speed Cobra Single Pedal

Smooth and fast! Limited edition midnight edition, black finish with copper plated hardware.

Miami Lakes, FL
Paiste 14" 2002 Sound Edge Hi-ats

Bright/crisp sounding cymbals. No air pocket sound thanks to Paiste's Sound Edge technology.

Miami Lakes, FL
Pioneer DJM-2000

Here we have the original Pioneer DJM-2000 in almost like new condition. Everything works as it should. This is Mint!

Miami Lakes, FL
Fender Standard Strat

Beautiful looking Fender Strat made in Mexico.  Very good condition with the gigbag. 

Miami Lakes, FL
Taylor GS Mini

A small guitar with a big sound.  Limited edition Koa back and sides.  This guitar has almost no signs of play.  Comes with original ...

Miami Lakes, FL
Fender Starcaster

Great condition, low action, no fret wear.  Semi-hollow body with humbuckers. 

Miami Lakes, FL
Tascam DP-02CF

With original box, power supply, and 1gb compact flash card.  All in one studio.  Two 1/4in or XLR inputs.  Builtin condenser mic.&n ...

Miami Lakes, FL
Avalon U5 Ultra Five Direct

The U5 high-voltage DI-preamp combines a unique passive tone selector with a variable gain preamp and filter. The high input imped ...

Miami Lakes, FL
Gibson Studio Ltd Ed

Matching body and headstock.  Neck repair.  Slight color fading from the age. 

Miami Lakes, FL
Pioneer CDJ-900

The most known name in DJ gear.  This is the standard of CD turntables.  Good condition, no original box.

Miami Lakes, FL
Vestax VCI-400

very SOLID and well built USB DJ Controller.  Made for gigs, high quality components.  Very good condition. 

Miami Lakes, FL
Avalon VT 737-SP

Avalon VT-737sp Channel Strip at a Glance: Class A preamp design with three input selections.  Opto-compressor with minimum s ...

Miami Lakes, FL
Gibson Standard

Yes this is vintage and original.  Comes with the chainsaw style case.  Unbelievable condition and price.  Complete your collection ...

Miami Lakes, FL
Yamaha Single Bass Drum Pedal

Single chain pedal with a felt beater. Works great. Minor wear and tear.

Miami Lakes, FL
Zildjian 20" A. Custom Ride Cymbal

No cracks or dents. Washy/bright tone. Brilliant finish.

Miami Lakes, FL
Tama Octobans

Hi-pitch.  Includes stand. Textured black finish. 6" x 11" & 6" x 11-3/4".  

Miami Lakes, FL
Roland D-50

Here we go! One of the most widely used keyboards EVER in history. and this one is MINT

If you ever wanted to add the classic D-50 sound, H ...

Miami Lakes, FL
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