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P. Mauriat PMXT-66R

Get ready to experience a horn like no other!



Orlando, FL

Bach TB711

The TB711 is a great price for a beginner trombone. This horn has an 8” brass bell and a .509 inch bore that make ...

Orlando, FL
MI AUDIO Crunch Box

The Crunch Box is one of those weird little pedals that came out of nowhere and seemed to immediately have a cult following. 

This is ...

Orlando, FL
Pigtronix FAT Drive

Pigtronix does a ton of cool pedals, and the FAT Drive is no different.

This is sort of a super-modern take on organic and musical oldschoo ...

Orlando, FL
Electro Harmonix Double Muff

The Double Muff is a surprisingly versatile little pedal! The original muff was actually designed to sound like speaker distortion (and later becam ...

Orlando, FL
Boss ML-2 Metal Core

If you're playing any aggressive metal style: this is your tone in a pedal. 

Upper mids aggression and cut, with a punishing low end, ...

Orlando, FL
Takamine LTD-2005 MIJ

I feel super lucky to have had this piece come through the store. This one of the finest acoustic instruments I've ever played. 

The s ...

Orlando, FL
Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine

Totally awesome pedal for any experimental or vintage players. 

This is a warm, fluid sounding wonderful pedal. If you embrace the ton ...

Orlando, FL
Wampler Euphoria Overdrive

In an era of Klon-clones, it's definitely cool to see boutique overdrives doing their own thing.

The Euphoria is super transparent, and ver ...

Orlando, FL
Roland AC90 Acoustic Chorus

2 speaker, stereo sound, 90 watts, chorus, guitar and mic inputs (with separate channels), all in a convenient carrying case. For only $399.99, it' ...

Orlando, FL
LTD (ESP) EC-407

One of the coolest and cheapest ways to get a quality 7 string! And in amazing condition! 

The familiar shape and looks (right down to ...

Orlando, FL
Gibson 2015 LPJ Single Coil

A real USA-made Les Paul with tons of personality in near-mint condition!

I love P90s. The pickup is so intrinsically musical yet muscular, ...

Orlando, FL
Gibson 2015 CM Satin

An awesome, punchy rock and metal guitar in like new condition!

This is a super cool guitar. I personally like it for a lot of reasons. I l ...

Orlando, FL
Genz Benz El Diablo 100

This is a totally killer amp with features normally only seen on amps 3-5 times its price. 

The amount of switching is absurd! Two voi ...

Orlando, FL
Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus

Great condition on a great Les Paul! 

This really is the guitar for people who just love Les Pauls. The binding has a beautiful aged l ...

Orlando, FL
Way Huge Swollen Pickle Fuzz

The Swollen Pickle is the fuzz everyone needs. 

Totally legendary pedal that is squarely in the high gain and rounded low end category ...

Orlando, FL
CF Martin GPCPA4

The GPCPA4 is an extremely playable guitar. Built with both Martin fans and non-fans in mind!

The large body and Martin A-Frame bracing pro ...

Orlando, FL
Fender 50th Anniversary Stratocaster

First, a little bit of info on anniversary Fenders! So during various anniversary years (40th, 50th, etc.) Fender will normally have one "anniversa ...

Orlando, FL
Epiphone Les Paul Nightfall

A Les Paul built for shredders! A rugged look and modern tone. 

Obviously the EMG and Floyd Rose make this built for rock and metal pl ...

Orlando, FL
Ibanez Darkstone DN500K

The Darkstone shape is one of the coolest additions to the Ibanez line in years. Subtly aggressive and pure class, this vintage-meets modern guitar ...

Orlando, FL
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