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Warrior 59 Isabella Brazilian

This Isabella is numbered 53 and is in great condition with no dings, scratches or wear marks.  The frets are in good condition ...

Atlanta, GA
Selmer Radio Improved

Here's a very rare and desirable RADIO IMPROVED alto. Relatively few of these were made, and they are highly sought after for their incredible soun ...

Atlanta, GA
Bach 12

Vincent Bach combined his unique talents as both a musician and an engineer to create brass instruments of unequalled tonal quality. Often copied b ...

Atlanta, GA
Ludwig Classic Maple

6 piece Ludwig Classic Maple drum kit in Black Galaxy Sparkle finish. Hand built in Monroe, NC.


SIZES:  ...

Atlanta, GA
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

4 piece Yamaha Maple Customer Absolute in White Grape Sparkle finish. Hand built in Japan.


SIZES:  7.5x10" tom, 8x12" t ...

Atlanta, GA
Gibson ESDT335

This Memphis-made ESDT335 is in very good condition cosmetically, with very little wear from play.  There is some minor surface wear on both t ...

Atlanta, GA
Larrivee L11 Reissue

This 2010 Larrivee L11 reissue has a Canadian Sitka spruce top with holly rosette and solid high grade Indian rosewood back and sides. The nec ...

Atlanta, GA
Gibson Halcyon

This Bill Kelliher Halcyon Signature Les Paul is in great condition with almost no cosmetic flaws.  There is minimal surface wear on the body ...

Atlanta, GA
Pork Pie American Custom

3 piece Pork Pie American Made Custom maple drum kit in Red Sparkle finish with Satin Black hardware.


SIZES: 10x12 ...

Atlanta, GA
Mapex Saturn

5 piece Mapex Saturn Limited Edition Birch/Walnut drum kit in Sienna Fade Lacquer finish.


SIZES:  8x10" tom, 9x12" tom, ...

Atlanta, GA
Yamaha YAS-480

Yamaha's newest step-up model features highly accurate intonation, a warm tone and a quick response. It is lightweight yet durable, and comes with ...

Atlanta, GA
Yamaha YTR-8335RGS

The very popular Xeno YTR-8335RGS trumpet features a reversed leadpipe and tuning slide with a single brace for quicker response and ...

Atlanta, GA
Gretsch Round Badge

4 piece Gretsch 50's Round Badge drum kit in Black Diamond finish.


SIZES:  9x13" tom, 16x16" floor tom, 5x14" ...

Atlanta, GA
Ibanez UV7SBK

The Ibanez Universe UV7SBK was only made in 1997 and was a transitional piece in the line's history.  This blacked-out version included silver ...

Atlanta, GA
Yamaha YTR-8335S

This Xeno Bb trumpet model features a reversed leadpipe and yellow brass bell for quicker response and playing agility. The combination of a heavy ...

Atlanta, GA
Pearl Masters MCX

4 piece Pearl Masters MCX drum kit in Black Sparkle Fade Lacquer finish. 

SIZES: 8x10" tom, 9x12" tom, 16x16" floor to ...

Atlanta, GA
ESP Viper

This Custom Shop ESP Viper is in very good condition, however there are a few chips in the finish on the edges of the headstock face (see phot ...

Atlanta, GA
Gretsch Renown

4 piece Gretsch Renown drum kit in Ruby Sparkle Fade lacquer finish.


SIZES:  8x10" tom, 9x12" tom, 14x16" floor tom, 18 ...

Atlanta, GA
Ludwig Keystone

4 piece Ludwig Keystone drum kit in Mint Oyster Glass Glitter finish.


SIZES: 8x10" tom, 9x12" tom, 16x16" floor tom, 18x22" ...

Atlanta, GA
Larrivee L-05

This Larrivee L-05 features Canadian Sitka spruce top with hard rock maple binding, an abalone rosette, and an ebony bridge. The back, si ...

Atlanta, GA
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