Blue Microphones - ROBBIE MIC PREAMP

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The Blue Robbie microphone preamp is a single-channel class-A tube mic pre that has a transformerless I/O for ultra-quiet sound, and boasts an ECC88 twin triode at the tube gain stage. A wide 10Hz-100kHz frequency response with 34dB of headroom before you get clipping make this mic pre, though contained in unique and funky housing, a super practical addition to any setup. This unit is in great sha ...


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This condenser microphone is in good condition and fully operational. It shows signs of superficial use but performs with no inconvenience. This microphone comes with original pop filter and shock mount.

Blue Microphones - Snowball USB Microphone

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Studio quality USB mic. Utilizes a unique dual capsule design to ensure rich, detailed sound for any project. 3 pickup patterns (Cardioid, Cardioid w/10 db pad, Omni-directional). Plug and play with the most popular DAW's. In good condition.

Blue Microphones - Baby Bottle Condenser Microphone Mic with Shockmount

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The Baby Bottle large diaphragm condenser from Blue is a great value!This comes with a shockmount and everything you see in the photos.Take this into the studio and start recording!

Blue Microphones - BOTTLE ROCKET STAGE 2

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This microphone with B7 capsule is in great condition. With the shock mount and case, it is ready to capture audio any where you are.

Blue Microphones - Woodpecker

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This ribbon mic is in great condition. Comes in a wooden box and also comes with the shockmount. Woodpecker is a discreet Class A ribbon microphone that delivers larger-than-life sound with smooth, intimate tones. It features a handcrafted aluminum ribbon pressure-gradient transducer with proprietary active circuitry, and is ideal for capturing the essence of any voice or instrument with immaculat ...

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