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This student trombone is in fair condition. It shows signs of heavy use, particularly some hits and bumps on the back of the instrument but the slide valve works smoothly and without any issue. This trombone is in good playable condition regardless of the signs of use it presents. The instrument includes a hard carrying case but does not include the mouthpiece.

Holton - H-602

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This french horn is perfect for any beginner!  A few scratches and dents but nothing that hinders the sound.  The rotary valves are a little slow in action, but nothing a little TLC and rotor lubricant can't fix!  Comes in a hard-shell case. Serial Number: 666752

Holton - T602R Trumpet

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Made in the USA. Serial# 129XXX. Comes with case and mouthpiece. This trumpet is in fair condition. Given it has a lot of wear from use like scratches, and a lot of wear on the lacquer but no major dings or dents. All slides and valves function properly. This would be the perfect trumpet for the beginning student, especially if you're afraid of the little ones banging it all up when they start!

Holton - H276

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The H276 double french horn is a great instrument for any player looking for a smooth playing horn. Design features on this horn specifically include a newly designed 4th branch, dual bore, and a screw on bell for travel convenience. All Holton french horns are made with overlapping seams as well. This gives the horn better tone and timbre, along with increased durability! The condition of thi ...

Holton - TR 680

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Up for sale is a Holton TR 680 F Trigger Trombone. This trombone would be a great choice for a step up horn for the budding trombonist looking for their first trigger trombone. This has very smooth slide action and fast rotary valve action. It has been checked over by our technician who has made this trombone gig-ready for your next performance! PL10647

Holton - T602 Trumpet

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This Holton T602 trumpet is in good condition! There are some scratches and signs of wear on the instrument but these are purely cosmetic blemishes. The trumpet is fully functional and comes with a mouthpiece and case!

Holton - Super Collegiate

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This Holton Super Collegiate is an American made small-shank tenor trombone. This particular instrument has several minor dents on the tuning slide as well as a mild discoloration that can be seen on the instrument's lacquer coating. The various cosmetic deficiencies do not affect tone or playability and the slide is quite smooth once lubricated. Comes with its original case but does not include m ...

Holton - Stratodyne Silver Plated Professional Bb Trumpet

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Thank you for for checking out our USED Holton Stratodyne Silver Plated Professional Bb Trumpet. This horn features valves that are nickel plated and work very smoothly. All the slides are working well, and the 3rd slide is in good alignment so that it moves very quickly for tuning.  The 3rd slide also has o-rings on the tubes and stop rod for very quiet tuning action. .459" bore size, 4 11/16 ...

Holton - Al Hirt Cornet Outfit

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This cornet is in very good condition. The valves and slides are smooth and it has recently been serviced by our certified in house repair tech. Of note, it is missing the third valve finger ring. As for the finish, the lacquer has spots on bell and back tubing as shown in the pictures and there is a small dent on bell above logo. Comes with an older style ProTec case and the original ...

Holton - H37H French Horn

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This instrument is in great playing condition. Minor scuffs and scratches and lacquer wear. Includes original case.

Holton - TR-602

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The Holton TR602 is a sturdy and reliable entry level trombone.  This particular trombone has not been very heavily used and shows minimal wear.  There is one tiny ding in the bell (too small to show up in photos), the slide works great, and the tuning slide pulls freely.  It comes with the original hard case and a Holton 12C mouthpiece.  This is a superb instrument for any student.

Holton - H378

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If you're looking for a great playing French Horn at and excellent price, we have the one for you!  It's a Holton Farkas H379 is a step up horn with a Kruspe double wrap.  There is lacquer damage, especially on the inside of the bell, but in other spots as well.  Please see pics for detail.  Dents have also been rolled out around the throat area and in the bell.  None of this will affect play ...

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