Lovepedal - Eternity

In Stock: Sam Ash Puente Hills
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This overdrive pedal is in great shape! All electronics are fully functioning. A great addition to your board. No power supply included.

Lovepedal - Vibronaut Mini II

In Stock: Sam Ash Orlando Colonial
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Take your vibe into outer space with the Vibronaut. The Vibronaut's speed knob will introduce that uneven swirly goodness the original vibes were famous for, while the warble knob adds in some tremolo to your signal, giving you everything from light swirls, to seasick warble. Great condition with some visible label peeling.

Lovepedal - Jubilee Overdrive

In Stock: Sam Ash Indianapolis
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Lovepedal's Jubilee is an amp in-the-box style pedal that can really drive your sound. It can have a light touch of gain when used lightly, but can become an aggressive box when pushed. You can't go wrong with Lovepedal effects as each pedal tends to  have it's own unique voice when paired with your amp. The pedal has a few tiny scuffs that are visible on the picture provided. The pedal also does ...

Lovepedal - MKIII Fuzz

In Stock: Sam Ash Indianapolis
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The Lovepedal MKIII Fuzz is the old school tonebender in a new school market. It's silicon based, and germanium voiced so it allows for subtle fuzz's to a monstrous growl. This piece is in great condition with no scratches or markings and comes in the original box. DD

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