Meinl - Generation-X Rabb Pack Cymbal Set

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For sale is a used Meinl Generation-X "Rabb Pack" cymbal pack. The pack consists of an 18" Safari Ride, 16" Safari Crash, and 12" Safari Mini Hats. The cymbals are in good structural condition, and the only noticeable cosmetic imperfections are the visible stick marks throughout. The pack is missing one of the 8" ribbed stackers, but includes a limited edition Meinl cymbal bag.

Meinl - HCS 10″ Splash

In Stock: Sam Ash Edison
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This Meinl HCS 10" Splash is in very good condition. There is little to no wear on this cymbal and definitely no cracks, dents, or key holing. Features include:

  • MS63 Alloy
  • Cutting bright response
  • Warm, harmonic and balanced sound

Meinl - HCS 20″ Ride Cymbal

In Stock: Sam Ash Charlotte
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For sale here is the Meinl HCS 20" Ride. This cymbal is still in really good condition and only has some stick marks and smudging, all of which don't affect playability at all. No cracks or key-holing whatsoever! This cymbal is a tank though! One of the most durable cymbals on the market in this price range! This cymbal features bright and washy tones and is 100% crash-able. The bell is a monster ...

Meinl - Byzance 14″ Tradition Hi Hat Pair

In Stock: Sam Ash Tampa
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In the field of musicology tradition refers to the belief systems, repertoire, techniques, style and culture that is passed down through subsequent generations. Tradition in music suggests a historical context with which one can perceive distinguishable patterns. Your patterns on these hi hats will have you believing in the repertoire, and style of this company. Sa-weet sounding cymbals. &nbs ...

Meinl - 20″ Dual Crash/Ride

In Stock: Sam Ash Charlotte
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