Tama - 5.5″ x 14″ Starclassic Snare Drum – Made in Japan

In Stock: Sam Ash Margate
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This is a Tama Starclassic 14" Snare drum in very good condition! There are some minor scratches and scuffs on the hardware. The hardware is free of rust and pitting. This drum is equipped with an Aquarian Coated batter head and an Evans Snare Side resonant head. -C

Tama - Superstar Classic Snare Drum

In Stock: Sam Ash Lombard
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This Tama Superstar Classic Snare is in very good overall condition. It has very little wear to speak of. 14"x6"  


In Stock: Sam Ash Edison
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TAMA 900 SERIES DOUBLE BASS DRUM PEDAL w/ CASE. One of Tama's top of the line double bass drum pedals in good condition comes with Hard Shell case. Contact Johnnie for more info

Tama - Rockstar 4 Piece Drum Set

In Stock: Sam Ash Philadelphia
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This set is in fair condition. Includes shells only - no cymbals or hardware. Toms: 12", 13", 16". Bass Drum: 22". Does not include a snare. Shells are fairly worn. Some minor to medium scratches on shells from normal use and being moved around. Chrome has a lot of of wear/pitting on the shells. Heads are used but they have plenty of life left in them.

Tama - Imperialstar 3 Piece Shell Pack

In Stock: Sam Ash Columbus
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Back in the 1970's Tama realized that the quality of drum shells was seriously lacking worldwide... so they decided to do something about it. And ever since then they've been recognized by drummers everywhere and in every genre for their superior hardware. Easy to setup and even easier to play on, offering a playability and tone you won't find anywhere else, Tama shell packs have become the standa ...

Tama - 4PC Starclassic Birch/Bubinga

In Stock: Sam Ash Atlanta
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Tama 4PC Starclassic Birch/Bubinga. The condition of this drumset is an 7.5/10. It is in great cosmetic shape. But it has a few imperfections. The first is the hoops do not match. They are just natural glossed maple hoops. The other is the kick has a very small crack in it. It is on the interior of the shell, near the batter side. It does not go all the way through, nor does it reach the edge of t ...

Tama - ArtStar 6.5″ x 14″ Snare Drum

In Stock: Sam Ash Cincinnati
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This used Tama ArtStar All Maple Shell 6.5" x 14" Snare Drum is in good condition. --GS6786

Tama - Double Pedal Case

In Stock: Sam Ash Huntington
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This is a basic double bass drum pedal hard shell case.  This will fit most style bass drum pedals, except any long board pedals. This is in good condition.

Tama - Starclassic birch bubinga wood snare 14×7

In Stock: Sam Ash San Antonio
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7 inner plies of birch”for the rich tonality that only thin birch can supply”paired with an inner ply of bubinga. The harder, thicker bubinga accentuates birch's distinct tone and projection. The combination of the 2 tonewoods creates a more powerful, deeply rounded sound. 10 lugs equipped with a evans hd dry snare head. condition is still fair and playable and all hardware is in working condi ...

Tama - Starclassic Maple Drumset

In Stock: Sam Ash Atlanta
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Tama 4 piece Starclassic Maple Drumset. The condition of this kit is an 8/10. It is in very good shape. The finish of this drumset is a blue oyster wrap. The sizes of the drums are as followed: 22x18" Kick, 10x8" Rack, 12x9" Rack, 14x12" Floor Tom. The floor tom is mounted by a RIMS mounting system. The rack toms mount on a stand. Kick drum is a virgin kick. Stands for toms are included.

Tama - Iron Cobra Double Bass Drum Pedal

In Stock: Sam Ash Miami Dolphin Mall
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This Tama double pedal is in great condition with minor playing scratches and case included!

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