Yamaha - YCR2310

In Stock: Sam Ash Cherry Hill
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Student cornet by Yamaha made in japan. Comes with original case.  Slides and valves move smoothly. Plating wear in patches throughout the body.

Yamaha - YAH803 Alto Horn

In Stock: Sam Ash Richmond
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Made in Japan YAH803 Alto Horn from Yamaha. All valves & tuning slides are free moving and smooth. All tuning slides are freshly lubricated. No noticeable dings or dents. Comes with Original Hard Shell Case. GH

Yamaha - YSS-875

In Stock: Sam Ash Cherry Hill
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Yamaha Custom 875 soprano sax with both original necks and original case.  Pads and cork are in good condition.  Lacquer wear can be seen on parts of the body and the octave key.  Comes with both original bent and straight necks.

Yamaha - Rock Tour 5 Piece

In Stock: Sam Ash Hollywood Drums
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If you're willing to dig in with some heavy cleaning this kit will rally pop visually. Sound wise it's already there but could use some new heads. Mahogany shells with textured ash outer ply finished in green to black burst lacquer. Sure there are some scratches and scuffs but this bad banger will treat you right. Sizes are as follows :  8" x 12" tom, 13" x 14" floor tom, 15" x 16" floor tom, 18" ...

Yamaha - YTR-2335

In Stock: Sam Ash Puente Hills
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This trumpet is great for students of intermediate levels. Amazing condition. Hardly any signs of wear or tear, Plays very well! Comes with case.

Yamaha - V3 4/4 Violin

In Stock: Sam Ash New Haven
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This Yamaha V3 full size violin is in good condition! There are some scratches and sings of wear here. and there. These are small blemishes and do not affect the sound or playability of the instrument. This violin is fully functional and comes with a bow and case.

Yamaha - MGP24X

In Stock: Sam Ash San Antonio
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This Yamaha MGP24X console is in great condition, fully tested! Perfect for any stage or studio. Amazing pres. eqs, effects!!! The REV-X reverb sounds so good! rp5632

Yamaha - PSR-e343 49 Key Keyboard

In Stock: Sam Ash Westminster
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The Yamaha PSR-e343 is a 49 key keyboard perfect for kids or beginners. It has 49 velocity sensitive keys and over 150 voices. This PSR e343 has signs of use and sharpie with note letters on some of the keys but it is in working order.


In Stock: Sam Ash San Antonio
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This is the 432K kit with the DTXPLORER module. You get the small footprint of the kit with a bigger brain. The module has 32 preset kits with 214 sounds. This set is in very good condition. All the pads trigger as they should. The module has no issues, no static. It comes complete with kick tower and hihat controller. jh

Yamaha - 8335IIRS XENO

In Stock: Sam Ash Miami Dolphin Mall
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This is a brand new Yamaha 8335IIRS custom Xeno Trumpet. For the 20+ year history of the series, Xeno trumpets have continued to evolve with the artists who play them. Now, drawing from the knowledge and innovative concepts learned through the development of the Artist Model Chicago C trumpet, the entire Xeno Bb series has been redesigned to attain the ultimate goal of ideas musical expression ...


In Stock: Sam Ash Houston
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This YTR-6335 Silver Pro Yamaha Trumpet is Perfect for All-Around Playing. The YTR-6335 features a medium-large bore and a yellow-brass bell for a big sound with clear projection. It has the kind of flexibility needed for playing in a quintet or in the studio but enough tonal power for lead or orchestral work. There are some small scratches around the horn, but nothing too notable, there is a dent ...

Yamaha - YTR-2330 Trumpet

In Stock: Sam Ash Charlotte
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This trumpet is a perfect fit for students in concert or marching band. It's features include the original hard shell case, a lacquer finish, and quick responsive valves. This instrument has been regulated by our certified repair tech to insure that it is gig ready.

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