Getzen - Eterna 895S-WT Flugelhorn

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This Getzen Eterna flugelhorn with the third-valve slide trigger is in very good condition! All parts and functions of the horn have been tested thoroughly. This horn is ready to play! There are a few dents on the skinnier end of the bell as well as the bottom tubing of the horn. There are also a few light scratches on the bell and the valve casing due to regular wear and tear. These scratches and ...

Jupiter - JFH864R

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Used Jupiter JFH864R flugelhorn.  Rose brass bell for warm sound, .413 small bore design, and 3rd valve trigger.  This horn is in excellent playing and cosmetic condition.  No dents, and minimal surface scratches. Includes original Jupiter hard shell case.  This is a great intermediate flugelhorn.  KS10237

Yamaha - YFH-631G

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Yamaha intermediate Flugelhorn. Features two piece gold brass bell, .433" bore, and 6" bell. Valves and slides are in great shape, this horn doesn't have many playing miles on it. Some light scratches, no dents or damage. Includes Yamaha wood frame case.

Jean Baptiste - FLG 329

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Jean Baptiste student flugelhorn. Features a rose brass bell. Slides and valves are in great condition. The horn has some light scratching on various spots. Their is a small dent on the bell, to small to capture in a photo clearly. Comes with a hard foam case. The flugel was serviced by my in store tech before becoming available for sale.

Yamaha - YFH-231

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As a big fan of everything Yamaha, I love seeing such a great looking horn as this one. The Yamaha YFH-231 is a student level flugelhorn. With smooth, free moving slides, quick responding valves, and wonderful tone quality, this horn is a must-have addition to any aspiring trumpet player's collection. The lacquer, as far as I can see, is in pristine condition. There are no discernible dents, crack ...

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