Conn - 8D Connstellation Double French Horn

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Another fantastic deal on a great French Horn!  This Conn 8D is in perfect playing condition.  All slides and rotors work perfectly.  There is some wear to the finish, especially where the left hand rests.  The levers and some of the tuning slides so similar wear.  There are also some scratches.  Please see pics for detail.  There are no major dents, dings, or creases. It has been inspected ...

Conn - 8DS Nickel Screwbell

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A beautiful Conn 8D Screwbell French horn at an even better price!  This French horn is in absolutely perfect playing condition.  All valves and slides do what they're supposed to do!  It has been inspected by our in house technician for quality.  The keys have the plating worn off from playing, and there's a small dent in the bell.  Please see pics for detail. The dent is circled in green si ...

Jupiter - 854L

In Stock: Sam Ash Edison
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The Jupiter 854L Deluxe Pro Double French Horn has been established as a respected world-class instrument. The Jupiter 854L Double Horn features a lacquered-brass body and rose brass leadpipe for a focused, rich tone and tapered rotary valves with mechanical linkage for excellent action. The Jupiter 854L Deluxe F Horn comes in lacquer finish with a detachable screw bell (854L). As can be seen in t ...

Conn - 11DR

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The Conn 11DR is a professional double French horn. The medium throat and the rose brass work together to create a darker, richer sound than the yellow brass. There are two very small dents in the bell that you can only see up close and some small finish scratches throughout the body, but other than that, there are no other blemishes. All of the valves and slides move smoothly. This French horn co ...

Yamaha - YHR668N Double French Horn Nickel Plated

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Here we have a nickel plated Yamaha Double French Horn that as you can see from the pictures has seen it's fair share of gigging time. The bell does have some scratches, and creases from a repair. As for the rest of this instrument there is wear, pitting, and the tubing that attaches to the bell has seen a repair also. Our in store tech has gone over this instrument, and has made sure every part w ...

JZ - Double Horn

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This JZ Double French Horn is great for the student looking to graduate from single horn to double horn, or for the professional horn player looking for a backup. This horn features a height-adjustable 4th valve platform and string valves, allowing for a soft touch when playing. This horn is in very good condition, mostly just showing plate-wear on the valves from consistent playing over the years ...

Holton - H602 Single French Horn

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This Yellow Brass Holton H602 Single French Horn is a fine addition to any players collection. Its dark but clear tone is something sought after by the masses. The keywork is light, but effective. It is in good condition considering its age, suffering from a few dings and other typical player ware such as a lack of lacquer. Valves are frequently oiled, and are very quick. The horn would come w ...

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