Anton Richter - AR25

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This is an AR25 model 4/4 cello outfit by Anton Richter.  The York cello is fully hand-carved and graduated for increased resonance and tone.  Select seasoned highly flamed Maple back and sides for rich beauty.  Set-up with ebony pegs, fingerboard and Wittner tailpiece for durability.-RS6073

no name - 4/4 cello

Sold By Sam Ash Indianapolis
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The 4/4 cello is the ultimate instrument a cellist will want to arrive at when growing up as a musician.  This cello does not have a brand name, but that doesn't take away from the playability of this instrument.  This cello produces a sweet full tone with a richness that cellists expect.  There are no physical flaws with this instrument having gone through a professional luthier who took the t ...

Karl Meisel - 40

Sold By Sam Ash Queens
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This cello has a really rich beautiful tone that would shock any listener who made assumptions based off of the cello's appearance alone. This cello has been through a lot and has some damage.The smaller damages includes some cracked finish located on the front left side of the body and other minor scratches located all over the instrument. The heavier damages include a light crack in the nec ...

Constantin Popescu - 647 Cello

Sold By Sam Ash New Haven
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This cello is in good playing condition despite various knicks and scratches on the finish. The 647 model cello was handmade in Reghin, Romania. Includes bow and soft case. Let your notes ring out with this full and warm sounding 3/4 size instrument!

Kay - 55 1/2 Size

Sold By Sam Ash Carle Place
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The Kay Musical Instrument Company of Chicago, Illinois was founded in the 1920s and began producing cellos in 1937. This particular half-size cello was constructed in 1951 and has a serial number of 25XXX. It is a 55 model, which was designed and marketed for student use from 1937-1964. It has an ebonized walnut fingerboard and details, a maple top veneer, and a single piece back. The 55's were ...

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