Yamaha - VC3 4/4

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Full size Yamaha VC3 cello.  This one is a spruce top with laminate sides and back.  It's a great cello for any beginner or someone moving up from a smaller size.  There are no cracks in the wood, but there are some dings around the sides.  I have included one pic, however there are several spots with the same type of dings. The pegs and fine tuners work great, and the sound post and bridge ar ...

Octav Mures - Cello

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This Octav Mures 3/4 cello is in good condition. There are some stickers on the fingerboard that could easily be removed if preferred as well as some scratches on the body of the instrument. These are purely cosmetic blemishes which do not affect the sound or playability of the instrument. This cello is fully functional and comes with a bow and case.

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