Yamaha - YSV-130BR

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This electric violin from Yamaha is in great condition!  There is a small crack on the tailpiece, but it does not affect the sound or playing of the instrument.  This also features a "clip in" shoulder rest for easy playing.  Comes with a black zipper case.

Carlo Robelli - CREV55OF

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The Carlo Robelli CREV55OF is the perfect choice for any level violinist looking for a quiet, sturdy practice instrument! This newer model from Carlo Robelli features a solid maple body for great tone, toning knob to further fine tune your sound, and an easy adapting output if you choose to use an amp. This piece is very lightly used and is in like-new condition. The price includes it's case, bow, ...

Yamaha - YEV-104

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Yamaha electric violin. Features a bridge with a built in Piezo-electric pick up. Body is made of spruce, mahogany, and maple, with a walnut side frame and composite fingerboard. It has a basic 1/4 input with a volume control. It does not come with a bow or case.

Yamaha - SV-200

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Yamaha SV-200 electric violin. Features dual piezo pickups and an EQ dial to blend the sound. Has a active pick up, takes a 9 volt battery, and a 1/4" input. Does not include a bow or case, comes with the Yamaha cardboard carrying box.


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This Fender FV-3 electric violin is a good fit for those who are looking to get a well made electric violin. It is made by Fender, who are known for their Stratocaster and Telecaster electric guitars. This violin has a beautiful sunburst finish. It has no blemishes or scratches and plays well. It comes with a hardshell case, bow, shoulder rest, rosin, cable, and a plastic tube to hold replacemen ...

Yamaha - SLB100

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Yamaha SLB100 Silent Bass.  This bass was thoroughly inspected by our in house luthier prior to purchase.  He ensures all the electronics are in excellent working condition.  It's in great looking condition as well.  The frame is detachable.  The bass can be played with or without. It's playable on stage through an amp.  It comes with the original gig bag.  KS10237

Realist - RV4E

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This Acoustic/Electric violin has a built in pickup which gives a real clear sound when amplified. It's in mint condition. Comes with it's original luxury case, Shoulder rest, and an extra set of strings.

Philip Kubicki - Ex Factor 4

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A total unicorn of a bass, the Ex Factor 4 is as rare as it is fun to play. This unique bass sports a few key features, most notably is the extended range detuner, allowing for instant D-tuning, while maintaining the same string tension and familiar playing pattern. This model also sports a super-sleek blacked-out design, incredible craftsmanship, and top of the line active preamp system. Also onb ...

Barcus Berry - Vibrato AE

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This Barcus Berry Vibrato-AE 4/4 electric violin is in excellent condition. It looks brand new. For more than 40 years, Barcus-Berry has been helping violinists to amplify their acoustic instruments. They were one of the first companies to commercially market a piezo transducer for musical instruments. Barcus-Berry violins have been used for years by a number of touring professionals. The violin b ...

The Realist - RV4e 4/4 Acoustic-Electric Violin Outfit

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This full-size RV4e acoustic-electric violin is in excellent condition! There are few feather scratches on the chin rest, some too fine to be photographed. There are no scratches or cracks anywhere else on the violin. The violin has been tested with and without the Realist pickup being used and all functions work perfectly. Combined with The Realist's famous Acoustic Transducer is a beautiful, ...

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