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Tired of lugging that full-size upright bass to every gig in town?  Take a look at NS-Design's CR series Electric Upright Bass.  Crafted in the Czech Republic from Solid European Maple, the Body has a modest flame and it's solid construction makes it resistant to most effects of on-going weather changes.  Using an asymmetric profile designed to create a buzz free zone, the fingerboard is pe ...

electric violin shop - Bridge Aquila, White

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This is a nice lightweight electric violin from Electric Violin Shop.  The body is hollow, and made of carbon fiber and Kevlar. It's big enough around the tail to use a standard shoulder rest if you like.  The electronics work great, and it sounds amazing through an amp. The bridge and tuning pegs are set and work properly.  Includes hard shell case fitted to this body style, and bow.  KS10237

Charvel - Eliminator 4 String Bass

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This is a killer deal on a Kramer Eliminator 4 string bass in good condition with some minor wear. It does include a case but the case has a minor malfunction with one of the clasps.

Hofner - H-500/1-63

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The Hofner H-500/1-63 is a gorgeous take on the classic bass used by Paul McCartney in the early 1960s'. This gorgeous piece features the classic '63 Hofner neck profile, a fully hollow body, Hofner Staple Nickel pick-ups, and unbound neck which also sports dotted fret markers which is very uncommon on these basses. The bass looks amazing, and sounds even better. If you love that early 60s' sound ...

Sojing - Electric Violin

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Up for sale is a Sojing Electric Violin.  This quirky looking instrument is a lot of fun to play!  Coupled with a good clean amplifier, this violin can bring pleasure to anyone who chooses to play it.  There are no physical blemishes on this instrument.  In fact, it is gig-ready for your next performance!PL10647

Carlo Robelli - CREV55OF

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The Carlo Robelli CREV55OF is the perfect choice for any level violinist looking for a quiet, sturdy practice instrument! This newer model from Carlo Robelli features a solid maple body for great tone, toning knob to further fine tune your sound, and an easy adapting output if you choose to use an amp. This piece is very lightly used and is in like-new condition. The price includes it's case, bow, ...

Yamaha - SV-200

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Yamaha SV-200 electric violin. Features dual piezo pickups and an EQ dial to blend the sound. Has a active pick up, takes a 9 volt battery, and a 1/4" input. Does not include a bow or case, comes with the Yamaha cardboard carrying box.

Yamaha - SLB100

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Yamaha SLB100 Silent Bass.  This bass was thoroughly inspected by our in house luthier prior to purchase.  He ensures all the electronics are in excellent working condition.  It's in great looking condition as well.  The frame is detachable.  The bass can be played with or without. It's playable on stage through an amp.  It comes with the original gig bag.  KS10237

Realist - RV4E

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This Acoustic/Electric violin has a built in pickup which gives a real clear sound when amplified. It's in mint condition. Comes with it's original luxury case, Shoulder rest, and an extra set of strings.

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