Hofner - H-500/1-63

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The Hofner H-500/1-63 is a gorgeous take on the classic bass used by Paul McCartney in the early 1960s'. This gorgeous piece features the classic '63 Hofner neck profile, a fully hollow body, Hofner Staple Nickel pick-ups, and unbound neck which also sports dotted fret markers which is very uncommon on these basses. The bass looks amazing, and sounds even better. If you love that early 60s' sound ...

Yamaha - SLB100

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Yamaha SLB100 Silent Bass.  This bass was thoroughly inspected by our in house luthier prior to purchase.  He ensures all the electronics are in excellent working condition.  It's in great looking condition as well.  The frame is detachable.  The bass can be played with or without. It's playable on stage through an amp.  It comes with the original gig bag.  KS10237

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