Cort - Curbow 4-String Electric Baa w/bag

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Good condition, definitely a Players Bass, play wear scratches on the body and a few larger dings. Truss Rod cover is missing. Bass plays well and there are no issues with the neck or frets. Cort Curbow Electric Bass with bag.


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Beautiful Natural Finish Fender American Elite Jazz Bass in pristine condition w/OHSC. Get it while it is still available!!!

NS Design - Wav Bass

In Stock: Sam Ash Orlando Colonial
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A beautifully designed all-electric upright bass, built with volume and tone controls as well as an arco/pizzicato switch for on-the-fly tonal switching. Built with a maple face and ebony fingerboard, like a true upright should. Excellent condition with very little visible wear. Original bag, peg, and strap-mount included!

Danelectro - Long horn bass

In Stock: Sam Ash Indianapolis
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This is the Danelectro long horn bass. If your looking for a flash back to the 60s and 70s this bass id for you. this bass is diffrent for any thing else ever made . it has two lip stick pick ups and massive horns. the horns alow you to have great high fret access and easy playing . so if your looking for you next bass look no more this one is for you. kf10741

Yamaha - SLB100

In Stock: Sam Ash Dallas
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Yamaha SLB100 Silent Bass.  This bass was thoroughly inspected by our in house luthier prior to purchase.  He ensures all the electronics are in excellent working condition.  It's in great looking condition as well.  The frame is detachable.  The bass can be played with or without. It's playable on stage through an amp.  It comes with the original gig bag.  KS10237

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