Buescher - True Tone

Sold By Sam Ash Atlanta
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This 1925 Buescher True Tone silver soprano saxophone is in very good condition. There are some minor and lacquer wear but this sax plays and sounds great. The pads are in good condition and it seals up tight. The classic fluid Buescher response makes for a lovely warm and nuanced tone. It comes with the original hard case.

551CS Curved Soprano Sax

Sold By Sam Ash Houston
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International WoodWinds Curved Soprano Saxophone SIlver. Case Included

Theo Wanne - Mantra Platinum Straight Soprano Sax

Sold By Sam Ash Margate
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This Theo Wanne Mantra Platinum Soprano sax is in excellent condition! This horn had one owner who barely used it. The pads are still perfect and there are no dents or scratches to be seen anywhere on the sax. This instrument comes with the original hard-shell case and a neck strap.The Mantra Soprano sounds full, fat and robust, more like the alto and tenor saxophones. It has incredible altiss ...

Maestro - Silver Curved Soprano Sax With Case

Sold By Sam Ash Manhattan
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Shown here is a Nickel plated, curved, maestro soprano saxophone. This horn is a perfect instrument for someone interested in trying out soprano sax for the first time. Has been reviewed by our repair staff and comes with a hard case.

E.M. Winston - 5GL Boston Pro I

Sold By Sam Ash Orlando
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This professional curved soprano saxophone is in great condition!  Barely any scratches or dents and the pads are still in great shape.  This horn comes with a curved neck and white pearl keys.  It also comes in its original hard-shell case with a mouthpiece and accessories.  Grab this beauty before it's gone!

Yamaha - YSS-475II One Piece Intermediate Soprano Saxophone

Sold By Sam Ash Ontario Mills
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The YSS-475 is a one piece design and offers many features of a pro soprano sax but at an intermediate price point.  The tone is what you would expect from Yamaha, a touch bright and neutral.  The tone is not as "full" as it tends to be on Yamaha's professional sopranos but it's not shrill sounding either. Some players prefer the "lighter", more contemporary tonal characteristics of the non-pro ...

Yanagisawa - S901 Soprano Sax

Sold By Sam Ash Hollywood
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This S901 made by Yanagisawa is a great horn for any professional player. Serial number 002XXXXX. This horn was made in Japan and has a fixed neck. The pads are in great condition as is the lacquer. There is some wear on the left hand thumb rest (see pictures). This horn does not come with a case.

Antigua Winds - 4290

Sold By Sam Ash Dallas
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Used Antigua Winds soprano saxophone. Beautiful cosmetic condition with minimal signs of wear.  Playing condition is excellent.  Keys, pads, and corks are in great working order. One piece black nickel body with gold keys.  Includes case and mouthpiece.  All our instruments are serviced by our in house repair technician prior to shipping.  KS10237

Jean Baptiste - 88SSBS

Sold By Sam Ash Charlotte
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This is a Jean Baptiste 88SSBS soprano sax. It features a black nickel finish with silver keys. It has a beautiful engraving on throughout the bell and body. It is designed to give a quick and fast response and play in tune throughout all the notes. It has a single post construction to keep it lightweight but with sturdiness. The sax comes with quality Italian pads and blue steeled springs. It is ...

Kohlert - 1501

Sold By Sam Ash Phoenix
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Here we have a great student soprano sax in playable condition. This Kohlert soprano has no major dents, scratches or leaks. All the pads are up to date. The neck cork has been replaced by our technician and also play tested. The 1501 model is an awesome beginner sax or also a great back up for the gigging musician. Comes together with a hard case, strap and mouthpiece.

Selmer - Super Action 80 Series II Sopranino Saxophone

Sold By Sam Ash Manhattan
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The Super Action 80 Series II is Selmer's longest running model, first manufactured in 1986. This sopranino is a rare example of a top quality Selmer professional saxophone! Perfect for any sax playing professional, collector, hobbyist, or sax choir! The horn is in amazing condition and plays beautifully from top to bottom. Checked by our repair technicians and comes with the original Selmer mouth ...

P. Mauriat - PMSS-64DK Custom Class Soprano Sax

Sold By Sam Ash San Antonio
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This is a Professional P. Mauriat PMSS-64DK Custom Class straight soprano saxophone (precursor to the System 76). A beautiful vintage lacquer with 2 necks, (curved and straight) gives this horn a warm character, comfort and versatility. Some small scratches to the bell. It comes with a case.

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