Soultone - 21″ Latin Crash/Ride

In Stock: Sam Ash San Antonio
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This cymbal might have Latin in it's name, but it can play just about any style of music you put it up against. The two different lathing styles give you two different sound areas. As a ride, it can be a bit washy. a crash it will peal paint! The bell cuts like double edged sword. This cymbal is in very good shape. No dings, dents, key hole or chips. The logos are intact.

Zildjian - ZILDJIAN K Constantinople 19″ Crash/Ride Cymbal

In Stock: Sam Ash Tampa
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This is a beautiful looking cymbal... You're a beautiful looking drummer The only problem with this K Con is that you'll only want to play K Con cymbals after using it. This is an excellent sounding cymbal... You're and excellent sounding drummer The only thing about 19" crash/rides is that you'll always find a reason to keep it in rotation, because its too versatile. This is a world c ...

Zildjian - 70’s 18 in Crash

In Stock: Sam Ash Hollywood Drums
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Very full and robust sounding crash. Has four rivet holes, lost of patina, tape residue, etc. but this thing sounds great and would be perfect for a loud rock band or a versatile little ride option for jazz.

Paiste - Formula 602 Crash Ride

In Stock: Sam Ash Houston
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Paiste Formula 602 19'' Crash Ride W/Ribits

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