Zildjian - 20″ Classic Orchestral Suspended- Heavy

In Stock: Sam Ash Lombard
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Traditionally used on orchestra arrangements as a suspended or a pair. This cymbal would actually make a very nice, medium- heavy ride cymbal for a kit. Reminiscent of the older brilliant finish A series. Very good overall condition. 2527 grams. No chips, dings or key holing.

Zildjian - 6″ ZILBEL

In Stock: Sam Ash Brooklyn
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This 6" Zilbel is in great condition. Only some minor logo fading, and absolutely no cracks or keyholing. Great effects bell sound.

Zildjian - 18″ Symphonic Viennese Cymbal Pair

In Stock: Sam Ash Edison
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This Zildjian 18" Symphonic Viennese Cymbal Pair is in very good condition. There are no dents, cracks, or key holing on these cymbals. Features include:

  • Mid-range pitch
  • Clear, full-bodied response
  • Traditional Finish

Zildjian - K Constantinople 18″ Suspended Cymbal

In Stock: Sam Ash Cleveland
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Here is an orchestral suspended cymbal that can be used as a crash on a drum kit.  You'll get dry overtones with a smooth decay.  This cymbal is in excellent condition with no cracks or keyholing, practically new.


In Stock: Sam Ash Queens
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This pair of special effect cymbal are in good playing condition. They show signs of use on their surface but none of the cymbal are cracked or posses any damage that would affect their sound. The cymbals include their stack clutch.


In Stock: Sam Ash Indianapolis
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This is a 10" Nemesis splash cymbal, made by Saluda cymbals. Saluda is a cymbal company that started in 1999. They hand hammer their cymbals by hand with B20 alloy. The Nemesis series was released in 2008. They have a deeper lathing to increase fullness in the sound. This crash has some bright shimmer tones with some liveliness. This splash has a bright attack with a mellow decay. It would be a g ...

Sabian - 16″ VFX FLAT CRASH

In Stock: Sam Ash Orlando
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This is definitely an eye-catcher but, more importantly, it's an ear-catcher as well. Meant to replicate the sound of an electronic cymbal, this VFX has a high-pitched, almost digital-like tone that's perfect for adding color and flare to any drum setup. In great shape, its flat geometry is convenient to add to any cymbal bag and experiment with any trap or hip-hop grooves.

Zildjian - 15″ Azuka Latin Multi-Crash Hand & Stick

In Stock: Sam Ash Margate
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This Zildjian 15" Azuka Multi-Effects crash is in very good condition! Aside from a few stick markings and scuffs due to normal use, this cymbal is perfect. There are no cracks, scratches or keyholing of any kind. Especially made for Latin percussionists, the Azuka Latin Multi-Crash Hand & Stick was the first cymbal to be designed to be played with the hand, providing conga ...

Zildjian - Sound Effects 6″ Small Zil-Bel

In Stock: Sam Ash Ontario Mills
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Zildjian 6" Zil-Bel Super crisp and piercing bell, perfect addition to your kit! The Zil-Bel has a bright, singing musical tone ideal for special accents and effects. Large, deep bell shape. Low pitch. Use individually or with the small model to produce complimentary tones that contrast perfectly with each other. Mount regularly or inverted for special tones.

Meinl - Generation-X Rabb Pack Cymbal Set

In Stock: Sam Ash Phoenix
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For sale is a used Meinl Generation-X "Rabb Pack" cymbal pack. The pack consists of an 18" Safari Ride, 16" Safari Crash, and 12" Safari Mini Hats. The cymbals are in good structural condition, and the only noticeable cosmetic imperfections are the visible stick marks throughout. The pack is missing one of the 8" ribbed stackers, but includes a limited edition Meinl cymbal bag.

Sabian - 8″ Resonating Bell

In Stock: Sam Ash Puente Hills
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This bell is in great shape. The few scratches and spots of discoloration don't stop the killer resonance this bell brings!!

Paiste - Signature Symphonic 20″ Medium Cymbal Set

In Stock: Sam Ash Atlanta
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Paiste Signature Symphonic 20" Medium Cymbal Set. The condition of these cymbals is a 9.5/10. They look nearly brand new. These are orchestral crash cymbals, and come in a set. No hand straps included.

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