Yamaha - YM1430

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Up for sale is a Yamaha YM 1430 Concert Marimba. Made of Rosewood, this marimba produces a wonderful tone with hard yarn mallets. While showing signs of good use, this marimba is solidly built and ready for the stage. It comes with resonators and a stand plus 4 yarn mallets. PL10647

Gon Bop - Acuna Series 10.75″ Quinto

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[TIMON] Acuna matata! What a wonderful phrase! [PUMBAA] Acuna matata! Ain't no passing craze! [TIMON] It means no worries, for the rest of your days... [TIMON & PUMBAA] It's our problem-free philosophy... [TIMON] Acuna matata!   Quinto is in very good used condition. Minor scratch (shown in photo) and appears to hav ...


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This is an 11" LP Performance Series Conga! The shell is made from Siam Oak. The conga comes with EZ-Curve Rims and a tucked head which provides a warm tone! Very good condition!


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This is the Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon drum, made by Gon Bops. This cajon front plate is made of Peruvian Mohena wood. This cajon also has a natural lacquer finish. The Alex Acuna cajon is made for percussionist/drummers of all levels. It is a great cajon for live performance and recording. There is a nice separation from the bass tones and the snappy snare sounds. Very articulate with nic ...

Afro - Cajon Conga

In Stock: Sam Ash Sarasota
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The title is confusing to most as this is a drum you don't see very often! Its a cajon and its a conga!! Think of it as a conga where you never need to replace a head! The whole piece is ready to rock at all times as it's one massive chunk of wood thats been cored out and is ready when you are!

Remo - 12″ Festival Djembe

In Stock: Sam Ash New Haven
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This large, pre-tuned drum is 21 inches tall and made of a lightweight material! Comes with a strap! Very fun to play! No bag included. Tiny nick on Fiberskyn style head but doesn't penetrate head.

Remo - 6″-8″-10″ RotoTom Set with Stand

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For sale is a three-piece Remo RotoTom set with stand. This 6"-8"-10" configuration has been outfitted with new Remo Controlled Sound clear drum head and is mounted on a 24" rail. The drums, rail, and stand are in excellent condition, look and sound great. All hardware components work smoothly and the drums hold a tune very well.


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These steel shell timbales are 14" and 15" shells in a chrome finish. They are accompanied with a height adjustable tilting double braced tripod stand and are perfect for the working percussionist or to be included in a drum setup. With two worked-in flanges and heavy duty style brackets. There ...

Schulmerich - PM25 Two Octave Chime Set w/ Hardshell Case

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This chime set might as be well be wrapped in plastic. Only a few chimes have been used a handful of times. This set is two octaves from G4-G6 and each individual chime was hand-crafted and is very smooth and comfortable to hold and play. The lower notes have yarn mallets, and the upper notes have rubber mallets. The notes all sustain beautifully and are pitched perfectly for harmonizing and playi ...

Plastics America - Soft Travel Bag

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Plastics America soft travel bag. Bag fits all plastic barrier models. This is old closeout stock. Item is in good condition (see photos).

Latin Percussion - Jim Greiner Shekere

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Gourd shape made from fiberglass with plastic beads. Sounds good and is in fine condition.

Slingerland - Speed King Kick Pedal

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WHO SAID VINTAGE DRUM GEAR? Here I have a vintage Slingerland Speed King kick pedal. This guy would be a killer addition to any vintage set (or any set), or collection of other vintage drum gear. Any drummer who is into cool drum gear this is a pedal for you! This pedal is in great shape and is ready for a home! - JK10547

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