Zoom - G1XoN

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Here is a multi-effects pedal in relatively fine shape. Just a little bit of blemishing on the plastic casing. Still, it does everything it is supposed to, which is a lot. Program up to 5 effects at a time, with about 80 to choose from in up to 100 different banks for storage. Over 20 different amplifier models. Looper feature for up to 30 seconds of recording time. AC adapter and usb cable (for f ...

Line6 - HD 300

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Used Line 6 processor in very good condition. You'll love this if you're a guitarist who wants an incredible range of sounds available to you quickly, easily and at a great price. Buying a room full of amplifiers and effects is great for some but not all of us can spend the thousands of pounds required to get a large amount of boutique gear. You no longer need to do that though with the Line 6 HD3 ...

Avid - Eleven Rack

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Used Eleven Rack in excellent condition, comes with box and all cabling. Great modeler/multi effects / interface for your home studio, also great for live performance. Avid's Eleven Rack is the ultimate recording interface and multi-effects box for guitarists. Recording, re-amping, and amazing live effects — Eleven Rack does it all! Powerful onboard DSP gives you the amazing sound of Avid's Ele ...

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