JHS - JHS Moonshine V1 #199

In Stock: Sam Ash Nashville
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Killer overdrive pedal in great condition.

Carl Martin - Surf Trem

In Stock: Sam Ash Cherry Hill
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Used paedal in very good condition. The Carl Martin Surf Tremolo delivers the great tremolo tones of the '50s and '60s. The Carl Martin Surf Trem gets its trem circuit from the CM Tremovibe. With just a 'speed' and 'depth' control (just like your old tube amp) those classic tones are easy to achieve. The retro heavy diecast case with 9 volt battery compartment, cool color and heavy duty bypass ...

Black Cat - N-Fuzz

In Stock: Sam Ash New Haven
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This Black Cat N-Fuzz Pedal is in excellent condition, with very little sign of play wear from the previous owner. This pedal has two Velcro strips on the bottom for attaching to a pedalboard. This pedal ships in the original box but does not include a power supply.

JHS - Calhoun V2

In Stock: Sam Ash Columbus
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This is a Mike Campbell signature overdrive pedal from JHS. It is a 2-in-1 overdrive and fuzz circuit. Both sides can be engaged at the same time for extra bite and crunch! This pedal screams vintage tones all day long. Feel free to call with any further questions!

GR-20 Guitar Synth

In Stock: Sam Ash Miami Dolphin Mall
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This Roland guitar synthesizer is in great condition with minor playing scratches, sounds great! Power adapter and midi cable included! No box!

Rockbox - Brown Sugar

In Stock: Sam Ash Charlotte
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This is a Rockbox Electronics Brown Sugar Distortion guitar pedal. It was inspired by one of the most popular and iconic amp tones created. It features level, tone, drive, and contour controls to give the player versatility in the sound of their distortion. There's little cosmetic wear. It's been tested by our in-house associates to ensure that everything functions properly. It comes with the orig ...

MXR - Smart Gate Pro

In Stock: Sam Ash Richmond
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MXR Smart Gate Pro effects pedal in good condition. Tested fully functioning. Does not include a power supply.

Pigtronix - Echolution 2 w/ remote pedal

In Stock: Sam Ash Columbus
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This is the extremely versatile Echolution 2 pedal w/ external  remote pedal  from Pigtronix. Featuring a large selection of analog echos as well as shiftable LFO modulation, this pedal allows for up to 60 presets . In very good condition.

Ernie Ball - Expression Overdrive

In Stock: Sam Ash Columbus
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This is a super versatile expression pedal overdrive from Ernie Ball! Fade in the gain and the built in boost with the expression pedal and keep your fans coming back for more!

Pigtronix - Philosopher’s Rock

In Stock: Sam Ash Orlando Colonial
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Don't let it's looks deceive you, this is one of the most dynamic compressor pedals available. Minimized from it's former 4-knob design, this all-analog, true-bypass pedal boasts incredible functionality and a compression range four times wider than your standard pedal. This unit boasts a simple level knob for volume and a sustain knob for compression amount, as well as a grit toggle-switch   ...

Ernie Ball - Wah Pedal

In Stock: Sam Ash Springfield
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   This Ernie Ball Wah Pedal is in average condition. The rubber feet have been removed to accommodate Velcro. There is some wear on the pedal itself.

Olds - Destination Phase

In Stock: Sam Ash Canoga Park
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The Destination Phase stereo phase shifter is constructed of all analog circuitry. Features include True, panning, stereo phase shifting, distortion free peaks, wide range of Speed control, and non tone altering Depth control. FEATURES INCLUDE All analog circuitry. True, panning, stereo phase shifting. No distortion on peaks. Wide range of Speed control.Non tone altering Depth control. Cool Regene ...

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