DigiTech - GSP1101Guitar Preamp Processor

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Here we have an excellent example up for sale of a DigiTech GSP1101 Gutiar Effects Processor. As you can see from the pictures this effects processor has been well cared for. If you are looking for a professional grade studio, or on stage guitar preamp effects processor, this is it. Here is some of the effects that come with this unit. Such as delays, wahs, lush Lexicon reverbs, and over 120 amp, ...

Rocktron - Chameleon On-Line Rackmount Guitar Effects

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The Chameleon On-line is considered to be the best of the Chameleon models. Includes Power Supply. The Aqua panel Chameleon Online(Made in Rochester Hills Michigan USA) is a close copy to the original Chameleon. It has a deeper Pre-EQ section to tweak and is a very cool unit. The Chameleon 2000 is made overseas and isn't anywhere near the original or Aqua Panel Online Chameleon that were made in t ...

Line 6 - POD HD Pro X w/FBV3 Controller

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The under-saddle of the rack mount is a little dirty, but every other bit of the chassis is spotlessly clean. As for the foot controller, the only evidence that it was previously owned are the P-touch labels affixed under some of the stomp buttons and a couple of strips of Velcro on the bottom. Otherwise, it was brought here in its original box and Styrofoam blocks it came in. Includes connecto ...

DV MARK - Multiamp Stereo

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One of  the finest preamp/multi effect units in the world! With THREE fully programmable channels (clean/crunch and lead) a full array of amps, cabs, mics, studio grade effects, a built in tuner and stereo power amp!! Its everything a pro player needs and its rack mountable for easy transportation! 

POSITIVE GRID - Bias Rack Tube Amp

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This modeling preamp is based on the powerful amp modeling capabilities of BIAS Amp Pro software, and is perfect for creating any guitar tone you could ever need in the studio. It's a great way to go direct to the sound system for live performance, or connect it to a power amp and speaker cabinet of your choice for explosive tone onstage. Serial # G260BR0D1450


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The MXR MX-180 OMNI was MXR's first multi effects pedal. This effects unit sounds amazing and was looked over by our amp technician (the compression button on the footswitch wasn't working correctly). This is an all analog unit with true stereo outputs for the chorus or delay. The unit is in good condition overall considering its over 30 years old now! Everything works on the unit great!

Line 6 - Pod X3 Pro Multi Effects

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This Line 6 Pod X3 Pro is in great shape, hardly any show of wear.  For the condition this piece is priced to move! From Sound on Sound Magazine:

Line 6 follow their Pod X3 and X3 Live processors with this rackmount professional version, the X3 Pro, offering enhanced I/O and dual processing.

In true Line 6 tradition, they've followed their Pod X3 an ...

Sabine - RT-1601 Rack Tuner

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This Rack tuner is in decent condition, a few scratches but works great! Power supply not included. From Sabine: RT-1601 UNIQUE TUNING FEATURES INCLUDE: 1. Automatic recalibration to any pitch. 2. Manual recalibration to 12 precise pitches (A=435 Hz to A=446 Hz). 3. Chromatic tone generator. 4. Transpose the key of “C” to any key. 5. The notes (guitar) A B D E C are highlighted usi ...

DigiTech - TSR 12

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Killer Multi effects rack unit! This has been thoroughly tested and works just fine, but it definitely shows it's age. There is no case included, but it will be packed safely!

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