Aguilar - SL410x Bass Cabinet

In Stock: Sam Ash Nashville
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Bass cab in very good condition. Shows some signs of use such as minor scuffs on the top of the cabinet where you would set the head. Other than that everything looks great. No rips or tears in the vinyl or tolex. Has been fully tested and everything is in perfect working order. 800-watt RMS power handling to fill a room. 4 custom-voiced woofers with neodymium magnets for deep bass and punchy lows ...

Peavey - Headliner 115

In Stock: Sam Ash Jacksonville
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The Headliner 115 is voiced for strong bass with a smooth harmonic tone, the versatility and performance of this cabinet encourages use with any fine bass amp head. The Headliner 115 is constructed using internal bracing, and is covered with road-worthy black carpet. Steel corners protect the cabinet from the rigors of the road. The cabinet includes a black powdercoat finished 16 gauge perforated ...

Ernie Ball Music Man - Music Man 2×10

In Stock: Sam Ash Richmond
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Music Man 2X10 Bass Cab. Tested by Sam Ash team and found to be in working order/condition. GH

SWR - Son Of Bertha

In Stock: Sam Ash Richmond
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1X15 bass cab with horn. It Handles 350 watts,  and its in good condition.

Mark Bass - Standard 104HF

In Stock: Sam Ash Philadelphia
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Made in Indonesia. This bass cabinet is ultra light and in fantastic condition with the expected minor scuffs on the corner protectors. All electronics and jacks are intact and function properly. 250 W at 4 ohm / 150W at 8 ohm.

Sabian - AAX 22″ Muse Ride

In Stock: Sam Ash Buffalo Grove
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Great condition, excellent sound. No issues or cracks.

Fender - NEO BASSMAN 410

In Stock: Sam Ash San Antonio
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Today we have a Fender Neo Bassman 410 bass amplifier cabinet. The Fender Neo 410 is a lightweight cabinet with a versatile tone that can add excellent flavor to any tone. This cabinet has minor wear and tear but is in overall great condition. At 30 pound this is a dream of a 410!

Fender - Bassman Neo 410

In Stock: Sam Ash San Antonio
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Today we have the Fender Bassman Neo 410 bass amplifier cabinet. This cab has a diverse tone with enough punch and cut through any mix. The neo 410 cab has great output of tone while also being very lightweight for ease of transport. This cab has remained in a road case and is in very good condition.

Kustom - KBAG5

In Stock: Sam Ash Indianapolis
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Up for consideration is a Kustom KBA G5 bass amplifier. Features: Kustom KBA Series 65-watt Bass Amp

  • 65-Watt RMS Output
  • 12-Inch Celestion™ Bass Speaker
  • EQ: 6-Band Active w/ Sweep Notch Filter
  • Preamp Gain & Volume Controls
  • Eight 24-Bit Digital Effects

Aguilar - GS112

In Stock: Sam Ash Orlando
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This little guy can roar! In excellent condition this 300w 8ohm 1x12 Aguilar cabinet is a mighty beast that won't break your back lugging it to a gig.   Features are

  • 12" cast-frame woofer
  • Phenolic tweeter
  • 300w at 8ohm
  • 7 ply mahogany housing
  • 2 1/4" and speakon connectivity
  A great deal on a fantastic cabi ...

Fender - ASAT Classic

In Stock: Sam Ash San Antonio
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Fender G&L Tribute . This guitar is in great shape and has very little wear and tear . The backside looks very clean and has no nicks or belt rash. The maple fretboard is in good condition and feels great , action and frets are in good order as well . Tuning keys also stable . No gig bag or case included .

Fender - Bassman 2×12

In Stock: Sam Ash San Diego
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Here we have a beautiful blonde 2x12 Fender Bassman cab! This cab was made between 1961-1963, and has held up great!  Specific dating can not be found as the speakers have been replaced with newer Jensen 12's. Two ports have been added to the back with custom covers. The tolex shows age with dirt marks, a few small tears, and staples along the underside but otherwise is in good working condition!

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