Fender - 1965 Bandmaster

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Fantastic vintage Bandmaster in great shape. The amp has been recapped and retubed with Groove Tubes pre and power tubes. It functions perfectly and sounds incredible. Draw dropping definition on cleans and when cranked it breaks up in the way only a vintage Fender can!

Hartke - HA2500

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HARTKE HA2500 BASS HEAD. With 250 watts of available power, the HA2500 will drive your small to mid-sized bass rig with incredible clarity and punch. In addition, the HA2500 offers a number of advanced features, including front panel compression and ten bands of graphic equalization, allowing you to create a broad range tonal colors.A dedicated in/out button even allows you to preset an equa ...

Hartke - LH-500

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Hartke LH-500 bass head.  Unit is in very good clean working condition.  Tested, fully functioning.  

Gallien Kruger - MB Fusion 800

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Very good condition. There are a number of scratches about the chassis of this head, so the evidence of usage is there. And there is no wonder why once a bass is plugged in. What a beast!• 3 12AX7 pre-amp tubes • 5.5 lbs. • 4-band EQ • Footswitch, effects loop, tuner, and headphone/line out/ chain out (switchable) jacks • Speakon outputs ...

Hartke - TX600

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This superlight Hartke Bass head is in good working order. There is some scratching on the top of the head, but it functions as intended.Never comprising tone, the Hartke TX600 merges a classic tube preamp section with modern lightweight, Class D amplifier technology. This combination yields a bass amplifier with the warmth and character of a traditional amp, not to mention 600 watts of power, ...

Ashdown - MAG 600R

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The Ashdown MAG 600R features 600 watts at 4 ohms, a 5 band EQ, and a cool volt reader showing input levels. In good condition overall, there is a button missing on the in/out sub boost button, but can still be reached. There is also some scratches on the top from when it was in a rack unit.

Darktubes - Microtubes 900

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This 900 watt amp head by Darktubes is very clean and has an amazing unique sound that only the best bass players can appreciate! The Microtubes 900™ is a 900W amplifier equipped with an all analog preamplifier and a Class D Power Module. The first thing you will notice from the Microtubes 900 is its unusual control layout: On the right side you’ll find the clean section which is the foun ...

Acoustic - B1000HD

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This head is a super lightweight, portable and a 1,000 Watts. Plenty of power for all the low-end you need. This head also features tone shaping controls and a nine band edge lit graphic EQ with a notch filter and super hi and lo EQ switches. It's in good shape and sounds great.

SWR - 750X Bass Amp Head USA

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Great condition, no damage. SWR 750X Bass Amp head, made in the USA.

Ashdown - BTA 400

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Massive 400 watt all-tube bass head by Ashdown in very good condition. Powered by 6- KT88 tubes and 4 preamp tubes. Huge transformers deliver the power in a relatively civilized manner. BTA400 is a stadium-ready powerhouse, currently rocking the world with players like Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters. All the ABM features are there – EQ In/Out footswitching, variable Tube/Solid-State input s ...

Mesa Boogie - M9 Carbine

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This Mesa Boogie bass head is in very good condition with no significant scratches, dents, or scuffs and is rack mountable taking up only 2 rack spaces. At 2 or 4 ohms, the amp will produce 600 watts of power and at 8 ohms you'll get 300 watts. Also features a 9 band EQ that is assignable or bypassable via a footswitch (not included) and an active/passive switch. This head is great for any genre o ...

Gallien Kruger - MB2 500

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MB2 ultra light bass amplifier head is fully equipped with professional features: master and gain, padded input, contour, 4-band active EQ, footswitchable boost, tuning mute, effects loop, isolated DI, Speakon combo outputs, headphone/line out, and 500W of power into 4-ohm loads. This item has been around the block but stills works....the left handle is a little loose and has some stickers on ...

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