Genz Benz - NEO-PAK 3.5

In Stock: Sam Ash San Diego
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Loud and light! This is a used Genz-Benz NEO-PAK 3.5 bass head that is in excellent condition. Tube preamp with a digital power amp and a 3-band EQ with parametric mids. Everything works perfectly and the carrying bag is included.

Ashdown - Electric Blue 180

In Stock: Sam Ash Orlando
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Used In Fair Shape Ashdown Electric Blue  Combo 180 180 Watts 1x15 SN 10120406 SKU UA4620406

Peavey - 6505 PIRANHA

In Stock: Sam Ash Westminster
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This Peavey 6505 Piranha 20w guitar head is in very good condition. It has no dings, dents or scratches. This head delivers classic 6505 hard rock and metal tones. This amp is great for home use, in the studio or powering a 4x12 cab. Comes with carry bag and power cable.

Coral - Jupiter 50

In Stock: Sam Ash Atlanta
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This Coral by Danelectro Jupiter 50 is in very good condition, especially given its age. It is a vintage solid state amplifier from the 1960's with a great sounding tremolo section.

Electro Voice - CPS2.12

In Stock: Sam Ash Puente Hills
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Contractor Precision Series Class‑H Power Amplifier from Electro-Voice.  Very good condition with only minor scratches on the on the top and bottom from rack use. Up to 2 x 2400 W into 2 ohms. Phoenix-type input and output connections. Class-H design. Remote power-on/off contact.  Programmable time for custom power-on delay setting. Switchable 50 Hz high-pass filter.

Fender - Evil Dual Showman

In Stock: Sam Ash Orlando
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Let's get EVIL!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA No, but seriously, this guy is killer. Everything works great on it, as it's been thoroughly tested. It may not be pretty, but it sounds awesome!

PRS - 30

In Stock: Sam Ash Orlando
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Simple, clean, and massive sounding. And it weighs next to nothing! This thing is incredible, with a crazy low serial number!

Electro Voice - CP3000 S

In Stock: Sam Ash Miami Lakes
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EV's CP 3000 provide great performance and reliability in a compact lightweight format. Due to its highly efficient Class H design. Its uses a switch mode amplifier. 2 x 1600 watts into 2 ohms and 2 x 1100 watts into 4 ohms,  at only 17.96 lbs (8.15 kg).  It is specifically designed to allow for long-term driving of low loads into subwoofers without stress. The CP3000S's reliability ...

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