Cremona - Luby Hollowbody Acoustic Guitar Circa 1960’s Player Grade

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Thank you for checking out our USED Cremona Luby Hollowbody - Circa 1960's -- Player Grade guitar. This guitar has tons of mojo. Natural lacquer checking. Could definitely use a neck reset, but in our opinion, this would make a great slide guitar. Cool vintage a great price. Bag included. Please see the photos. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.

Harmony - Stadium Archtop

In Stock: Sam Ash Westminster
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Thus used Harmony Stadium Archtop acoustic guitar has made its way through history. It definitely has it's share of wear throughout the body as shown in photos. Sounds beautiful and is part of music history. A must for any blues, country, or jazz music. Comes with a gig bag.


In Stock: Sam Ash Buffalo Grove
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This Kay Truetone  Jazz King has 3 "speed bump" pick ups and is in good condition and comes with a gig bag.

D'Angelico - EXL1S

In Stock: Sam Ash Cincinnati
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This guitar is in excellent condition overall. There are no visible signs of wear. The pickguard & pickup have the original protective plastic coating while the bridge has the original foam beneath it to protect the finish. The neck is a C shape with a 25.5" scale, low action and 11 gauge flatwounds. The mini humbucker is a true floating pickup as it's attached to the underside of the pickguar ...

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