Loar - LH-300-BKM

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This is a beautiful acoustic guitar by Loar.  It's a classic archtop design reminiscent of the 1920's.  It has a beautiful finish with almost no sign of wear.  There are no cracks or ships, and very minimal scratching.  This guitar is great for jazz players.  A case is not included with this guitar. KS10237


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This Kay Truetone  Jazz King has 3 "speed bump" pick ups and is in good condition and comes with a gig bag.

Epiphone - Masterbuilt Century Olympic

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These Epiphone Century Olympic archtop acoustics sincerely take you back to the era of the 1930's when the archtop was all the rage. It sounds fantastic, with an emphasis on the midrange. The neck is period correct and takes up the bulk of your hand but it plays like butter. This particular piece is in wonderful shape without any nicks, scratches, or dents to be found. Don't sleep on this one! Doe ...

D'Angelico - EXL1S

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This guitar is in excellent condition overall. There are no visible signs of wear. The pickguard & pickup have the original protective plastic coating while the bridge has the original foam beneath it to protect the finish. The neck is a C shape with a 25.5" scale, low action and 11 gauge flatwounds. The mini humbucker is a true floating pickup as it's attached to the underside of the pickguar ...

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