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This Hohner Panther Accordion is a great accordion for beginners and skilled players alike! If you're looking to start playing this GCF is a good one for you! With it being smaller than some button accordions it's easy to hold and easier to move your hand across each button. It includes bass as well! One downside to this accordion is it does not come with a case

Imperial - Accordion 120 Bass With Pickups and Case

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This Imperial accordion with built in pickups is a small but mighty instrument. It has a big sound in a compact body. The keys are narrow but are level and work smoothly. The bellows are free of leaks and the bass buttons are fast. There are a few scratches and wear on the instrument from age that does not effect its great sound! The instrument has an old style connector for the 1/4" cable so the ...


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Used vintage 41 key Hohner accordion for sale. The instrument, given it's age, is in good shape. All of the keys, buttons, and mechanics have been tested and do work. The pearl finish of the instrument is yellowed due to age, but this accordion is a cool old piece. The instrument comes with it's original case and has straps as well. Whether you play accordion or are looking for a cool conversation ...

Hohner - Concerto III T

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Used Hohner Concerto III  T piano accordion. All keys and buttons in working condition.  Bellows are intact with no holes.  The accordion is in beautiful cosmetic condition.  The only issue is the vinyl on the shoulder straps and left hand strap is flaking.  This will not affect playing the accordion.  Includes card shell case.KS10237

Hohner - Vox 4

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This is a Vox 4 Hohner (Atlantic IV) 120 Bass Accordion complete with original case. Everything is in great working order but it is missing the cables to connect the volume pedal and from the Accordion to the Vox 4 Synth unit. The Accordion is in great shape and sounds wonderful!  Just what you'd expect from this Hohner classic.

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