Davinci - 120 BASS DAVINCI

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This intermediate accordion is in good condition. It doesn't have any cracks or damage in the keys, buttons or bellows.

ZENITH - 25 Key, 12 Bass

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This 25-Key, 12-Bass accordion was built in Italy by the company Zenith around the 1940s-1950s. This accordion is in fair cosmetic shape, keeping its age in mind. The cloth net inside the grill on the keyboard side has a few holes and the grill is slightly dented (not cracked), but this doesn't affect the sound whatsoever.  All of the reeds are in tune and speak with full volume. One of the G-key ...

Soprani - Contino Settimo

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This is a Contino Settimo Soprani accordion.  This is a professional bass accordion and it comes complete with a hard case!  Everything works as intended and it sounds great!-RS6073


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Used vintage 41 key Hohner accordion for sale. The instrument, given it's age, is in good shape. All of the keys, buttons, and mechanics have been tested and do work. The pearl finish of the instrument is yellowed due to age, but this accordion is a cool old piece. The instrument comes with it's original case and has straps as well. Whether you play accordion or are looking for a cool conversation ...

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