Korg - Pa600

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The Korg Pa600 distills the sonic essence and functionality of Korg's Pa arranger series into a compact and affordable instrument. The Pa600 gives you a rich, detailed, sophisticated, natural sound with musical instruments from almost every genre, exploding with depth, nuance, subtlety, and accuracy.  Over 950 sounds are preloaded, including a refreshed GM sound set, and 64 Drum Kits. You also ha ...

Kurzweil - K2000 SMP-K

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This is the K2000 SMP-K, a 61-key synthesizer and arranger from Kurzweil. It uses something called V.A.S.T. (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) to create and edit all sounds that are on board. It essentially allows you to edit any noise or waveform source using any synthesis technique. So you can endlessly edit all of the sounds on this keyboard, but the sounds that are already in this ke ...

Korg - Micro Arranger

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A super versatile and compact arranger keyboard and workstation at an incredible price! An advanced Korg engine provides 660 high quality sounds and 304 rhythms/styles (with 4 variations and fills, intros and ends). Also features a 16-track, multitimbral 56,000 note sequencer, 61-key mini, touch sensitive keyboard and onboard stereo speakers. This little beast is working perfectly and it's in dece ...

Roland - E-70

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This Roland E-70 works perfectly and is in good condition! Some of the buttons are a little worn but it still sounds good and plays comfortably!

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