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the NTG8 is a broadcast quality RF-bias shotgun microphone that exhibits increased directionality across a wide frequency response range. This makes the NTG8 the perfect microphone for film, television, sports and outdoor broadcasting, live performance, and any professional distance miking application.

  • does not include case or audio cables
  • works great

Sennheiser - MKE2/K6

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The MKE 2 Gold sub-miniature omni-directional lavalier is ideal for television broadcast and theatrical productions. Its accurate frequency response produces natural, uncolored sound. A unique Umbrella Diaphragm delivers moisture-resistant performance with the identical high audio quality of the industry standard MKE 2 lavalier. Its size makes it not only unobtrusive and easy to conceal, but also ...


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The Hamburg 67AU has a signature smoothness and fullness which is attributed to its FET circuitry.

Samson - SE50

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Earset condenser microphone with interchangeable pinouts, capable of being used with any major wireless transmitter including Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, and Samson. All original accessories and case included.

Blue Microphones - Woodpecker

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This ribbon mic is in great condition. Comes in a wooden box and also comes with the shockmount. Woodpecker is a discreet Class A ribbon microphone that delivers larger-than-life sound with smooth, intimate tones. It features a handcrafted aluminum ribbon pressure-gradient transducer with proprietary active circuitry, and is ideal for capturing the essence of any voice or instrument with immaculat ...

Audio Technica - AT857QMA

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