Samson - Q Tom

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The Q-Tom was specifically designed as a complete solution for tom-tom miking applications. Capturing the deep low frequencies along with crisp attacks, it employs a tight super cardioid pattern to reduce feedback and increase side-to-side rejection in close miking situations.*minor wear and tear.*one of the clips is missing the adjustment screw.*does not include cables or pouch.

CAD - CM 217

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The CAD CM217 is a small diaphragm cardioid pencil condenser with a pad (-10dB) and a high-pass filter (200Hz). It is intended for use on drum overheads.

Audix - Fusion 6 Microphone Pack

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This is a 6 piece drum microphone package from Audix. It includes a f12 kick drum mic, three f10 snare/tom mics, and two f15 pencil condensers for overheads. These are great for using live or in the studio, and all the mics are capable of recording a wide range of instruments besides drums. These 6 microphones have all been tested and are working great; each comes with a clip to put on a mic stand ...

Audix - Fusion 6

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6 piece drum mic has 3 F10 tom mics, 1 F12 kick drum mic and 2 F15 condenser overhead mics

AKG - C 747

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This is quite the awesome sounding microphone! Applicable in most scenarios, the C 747 gives you a nice, clean top-end with a rich low-end. It has a hypercardiod polar pattern making it excellent for directional mic positioning. It is an ideal choice for a pulpit or podium mic but, sounds great on vocals and even drums. It is pristine condition with no dust accumulation and fully functional. Comes ...

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