Digital Reference - DRDK4, 4 piece drum mic set

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The DRDK4 is a 4 piece drum microphone kit, manufactured by Digital Reference. This set consists of three DR-ST100 microphones and one DR-K100. The DR-ST100 is a unidirectional dynamic mic and is used primarily for toms, snares, and pieces that require clear and precise miking. The DR-K100 is also a unidirectional dynamic microphone but is designed to capture those deeper lower frequencies. making ...

Audix - DP5A

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Audix D-Series microphones are widely regarded as the best drum microphones on the market, especially for the price. The DP5A drum microphone pack normally contains five microphones required to mic a standard rock kit: kick, snare, rack toms and floor tom. This kit includes an extra tom mic, an EV ND-168. The only condition issues with this kit are: a damaged clasp on the case, and some bl ...

Shure - Beta 98A

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Great on instruments and drums, this miniature cardioid condenser microphone is in good working condition. Overall the unit shows light signs of use, comes with mic clip.

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