Shure - BG-4.0

Sold By Sam Ash Atlanta
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Shure BG-4.0 small diaphragm condenser microphone. NOTE: This item is in good condition with some light wear in the finish. This microphone comes with a microphone clip that is shown in the provided picture gallery.

Audix - Audix DP 5A

Sold By Sam Ash Columbus
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This five piece microphone kit is packed with the iconic Audix D6, i5, and three D2's. This is a great kit for drum tracking, live use, and general recording.

Audix - Fusion 6 Microphone Pack

Sold By Sam Ash Indianapolis
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This is a 6 piece drum microphone package from Audix. It includes a f12 kick drum mic, three f10 snare/tom mics, and two f15 pencil condensers for overheads. These are great for using live or in the studio, and all the mics are capable of recording a wide range of instruments besides drums. These 6 microphones have all been tested and are working great; each comes with a clip to put on a mic stand ...

AKG - C 747

Sold By Sam Ash Springfield
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This is quite the awesome sounding microphone! Applicable in most scenarios, the C 747 gives you a nice, clean top-end with a rich low-end. It has a hypercardiod polar pattern making it excellent for directional mic positioning. It is an ideal choice for a pulpit or podium mic but, sounds great on vocals and even drums. It is pristine condition with no dust accumulation and fully functional. Comes ...

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