Allen & Heath - MixWizard WZ3 16:2

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This 16 channel mixer is in pretty good condition cosmetically and excellent condition in sound quality. With high gain preamps and sensitive on board 4 band EQ your voice and instruments are guaranteed pristine quality for whatever application. This board holds a wide array of different types of effects including but not limited to reverbs, delays and flangers.

Soundcraft - FX16

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Soundcraft brings us this 16 in 16 direct out mixer, perfect for live use or recording, loaded with 32 premium Lexicon effects. Overall its in great shape, no missing knobs or fader caps with slight rack rash. With a weight of 28 pounds and a size of 6"x18"x18" its easily portable for any application.

Allen & Heath - Zed-16FX

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Cool Allen & Heath ZED Series ZED-16FX Multipurpose USB Mixer in good condition. Unit has been tested and all functions perform 100%. Has 1 slightly mismatched knob. The ZED-16FX is ideal for groups who need to travel light. It gives musicians, venues and sound companies access to 10 full mono channels, 3 stereo channels and a high quality FX unit in a compact, rack mountable format. Configura ...

Mackie - CFX16 Mixer

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Made in USA. Includes lamp. Power cord not included. This mixer is in very good shape! Some scratches and wear from normal use. All knobs, jacks, faders, buttons, LEDs and lamp are intact and function properly. 16 channels.

Peavey - XR-600C

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Perfect for small venues, rehearsal spaces or just learning how to get started! This powered mixer offers 6 channels with either XLR or 1/4 input making it easy to operate. Complete with a 9 band EQ to dial it in juuuuust right you cant go wrong! It has seen some wear due to its age but it still kicks like a mule. 300 watts of pure power are at your finger tips!

Mackie - PROFX12

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The PROFX12 is a 12 channel mixer with built in effects and USB functionality. This mixer was engineered and manufactured by Mackie, who has been making quality pro audio gear for 20+ years! The PROFX12 features 3 band parametric EQ for each channel, giving you control with your lows, mids, and highs, a 7 band graphic EQ, and phantom power for condenser microphone use. The biggest selling point fo ...

Korg - D1600

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The Korg D1600 is a portable digital recording studio which provides 8 track recording and 16 track playback in 16 bit mode. Built in 40GB hard drive and includes a CD burner for making your own CDs right onboard. 24 channel, 8 bus mixer with 16 faders for level adjustments. Mixer settings such as fader, EQ, pan and effects can be stored in a scene and up to 100 scenes can be stored for each song. ...

Aviom - A-16II

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Personal Monitor System in good condition. Great for band or place of worship.

Dangerous Music - 2 Bus Lt Summing Mixer

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This Dangerous Music 2Bus LT Rack Summing Mixer is in amazing condition. It comes in original box too.It looks new and works perfectly. This is a wonderful piece for any studio. Get that analog summing tone!

Presonus - STUDIOLIVE 16.0.2

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The Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 is a 16 channel digital mixer designed to meet the needs for both studio and live performance use. It is built with exceptional mic preamps and audio circuitry to provide clean signal flow and sound. The 16.0.2 is compact while still giving you a lot of functionality and features to expand your mix. It features top quality effects processors, allowing you to add reve ...

Yamaha - EMX66M

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This is a Yamaha EMX66M powered mixer. It is perfect for small bands or any one who needs only 6 channels. It has ample power with monitoring capabilities. The mixer has 2 mono 300 watt amplfiers (600 bridged) and a 3-band channel EQ. It also includes 8 digital effects programs, dual 7-band graphic equalizers, phantom power (+15V) and XLR and TRS input connectors on channels 1-4 with XLR and TLX p ...

Allen & Heath - QU-32CH

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When you think about a digital board, the one you should think of is the ALLEN AND HEATH QU-32! 32 XLR Inputs, and Full multitrack recording to USB makes this the perfect mixer to use for live applications as well as in the studio.  Don't miss out on this one of a kind mixer!Features:

  • 32 Mono Mic/Line Inputs (TRS + XLR)
  • Recal ...

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